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HUMAN remains have been found near where a 12-year-old boy was taken by a crocodile in the Northern Territory.

Authorities have shot dead three crocs in the search for the reptile that snatched the boy while he was swimming with friends in a billabong west of Jabiru in the Kakadu National Park on Sunday.

Another boy, 15, was bitten but released by a croc during the attack.

Acting Police Commander Michael White says search teams have found human remains near where the boy was taken.

"(The evidence) strongly indicates the boy has died from the crocodile attack," Acting Commander White said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Further DNA testing will be conducted to confirm the identification.

"No specifics will be given in relation to the trauma or type of evidence located out of respect for the family. This is now an investigation for the Northern Territory Coroner and a brief will be prepared."

The boy's distraught family have been notified of the discovery.

Authorities have been shooting crocs and cutting open their stomachs open in the hope of recovering the boy's body.

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sad  but necessary  .. I suppose  .. when will people learn to respect wildlife

  fear should be a good teacher  ..


Wow,, from our earlier discussions, I thought there wasn't a croc involved. That's truly sad. :(

 I got it  wrong the  15 yr old was bitten but the croc released him  I thought the croc took him and the 12 yr old attempted to save him

Glad the boy is okay. Sad killing the crocs though:( Yeh, it's common knowledge to STAY AWAY from wildlife. They're wild! Hoping he learned his lesson.

 don't  rightly  know if he learned his lesson Ruth the  Croc  had hold of him but let him go  .. .  traumatic yes  the  croc had already taken his friend whose remains were later found ..  if he did learn it was the hard way

That's a tragedy.. surely he will stay away from them now.

if it were me  I wouldn't even live there  lol     I don't even like my  boys swimming in local rivers  to us and we don't  get crocs !  If there were signs here  you wouldn't see me with in  500 miles  from there lol 

That is a very hard way to learn. I wouldn't live there either.

  Northern Territory is most  uninhabitable any ways you would think people  would  just leave it for the wildlife 

People need to have respect for wildlife and their homes.

exactly    people should be responsible 

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