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Tigers Obi and Gizmo arrived at Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary on Sept. 13, 2011. They came from a sanctuary in San Antonio, TX that has closed. We have welcomed them both,, into our sanctuary and into our hearts.

Video of excerpts of Obi enjoying her first time in the big playground. Obi loves the sea of grass, wading in the water (with one paw out ;) meeting dogs and playing while her enclosure is being cleaned.

Top Of The Rock is a No Buy, No Sell, No Breed, No Exhibit sanctuary. If you would like to assist wildlife at NWHS' Top Of The Rock Sanctuary: http://www.humanewildlife.org/support.html

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Both my Son Evan and I  enjoyed watching this   ,, Fascinated with obi's paw action lol  thanks  Patrick for uploading this
She sure didn't want those front paws in the water. Funny how she backed in to the pool tank. She settled on keeping one paw out,, LOL
I  loved how she backed into the water    .. she did get that one paw a little wet in the end but  still  kept   holding it above the water lol    I am intrigued why she wanted both paws dry lol

She likes to be hosed down with water as well, everything except her front paws. If I am spraying her, she will lay there and enjoy it, until I wet her front paws, then she gets annoyed and moves off.

Every tiger ever living here, has had their eccentricities, and that is hers. LOL

lol  funny really  her paws must be really sensitive
She doesn't like me touching them when she is near an enclosure wall. She will let me scratch behind her ear (carefully, through the fence) but takes off like the wind if I touch one of her paws.
I  wonder if she has in the past  injured them in some way ?

No, I am certain there is no prior paw injury. She can run like the wind (as observed later in the video). She just doesn't like to get her front paws wet. :)
If I am hosing her down (she likes that) she will run if I get her front paws wet. Finicky cat...

An update, as of today's date, she is still grumpy with her neighbors, but improving.
However, she loves when I baby talk her and chuffles a LOT.

paulinel said:

I  wonder if she has in the past  injured them in some way ?
Just a paw fetish then lol  cute that she loves you talking to her  :)
She responds very favorably to being talked to, especially baby talk. Before she went to WAO, she was someone's pet. She was one of 80 big cats at WAO, so she probably didn't get the same attention as she did when she was raised. Her owner got very sick (and has now passed on) gave her up voluntarily
her previous owner obviously treated her right ! which is pleasing to hear  :) good to hear she is responding in such a positive way

After being taken in by WAO, she was there amongst 80+ big cats (at times, over 100). There was a marked decrease of personal daily attention, so she regressed in emotional well being. As she gets a more positive interaction from us, and a reduction of feelings of competition with the other tigers, we hope she will become more sociable.

She still displays aggression towards the other tigers, but they are all in separate enclosures. As she learns that no one can steal her food, and gets individual attention from humans, I feel she will gradually calm down with her tiger neighbors.

It's amazing the depth of emotion and complex interaction these wild animals display. Since our sanctuary is so small, we are able to provide more emotional enhancement for each animal, that the giant facilities can't.

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