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India now has as many as 2,967 tigers in the wild, with more than half of them in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, according to the latest tiger estimation report for 2018, released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday.

The range for the total tiger population in the wild is 2,603-3,346. The population has increased by nearly 33% since the last census in 2014 when the total estimate was 2,226.

However, this growth has not been uniform across all 18 states where tigers are found. The count has decreased drastically from 46 to 19 in Chhattisgarh. In Odisha, it has been on a continual decline over the years and now stands at 28.

“We have 50 tiger reserves. Not all are doing well. We admit that poaching is a concern. There is a lack of protection and management measures in some areas. Tigers thrive in areas where the prey density, habitat conditions are good; if that does not happen, the numbers will not improve," said Anup Kumar Naik, chief of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).

According to officials, the 24% mortality among tigers is due to poaching. Growing conflict with humans is another concern.

“Even for the tiger reserves which are doing well, there will come a time, when they reach their carrying capacity and tigers will move. Our goal is to ensure connectivity to deficient areas so they become viable for tigers to occupy. But for that, the man-animal conflict will have to be tackled," he said.

Madhya Pradesh showed the highest increase of 218 tigers, reaching an estimated 526, followed by Karnataka with 524.

The two states have the highest population of the predator. The numbers have also increased in Uttarakhand (442), Maharashtra (312) and Tamil Nadu (264).

The tiger bearing habitats were divided into five landscape regions—Shivalik-Gangetic plains, Central India and the Eastern Ghats, Western Ghats, North Eastern Hills and Brahmaputra Flood Plains and the Sundarbans.

According to the government, the total numbers have been increasing at a rate of 6% every year—from 1,411 in 2006 to 2,226 in 2014.

India along with 12 other tiger range countries had committed to doubling the population of tigers in their respective countries by 2022, as part of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) programme Tx2.

“Nine years ago it was decided in St. Petersburg that the target of doubling the tiger population would be 2022, we in India completed the target 4 years earlier," said Modi after releasing the fourth edition of the census.

“Today, we can proudly say that with nearly 3,000 tigers, India is the safest places for tigers in the world."

India with 50 tiger reserves in 18 states has over 80% of the global tiger population which stands at 3,159.

The future of tigers as a species, as well as the success of the Global Tiger Recovery Plan thus depends on India’s success.

The population estimates were prepared by collecting field data on tiger sign intensity, prey abundance, human disturbance and habitat characteristics in various forest beats. This was followed by estimates based on camera trap images.

“India has achieved a historic milestone. On Global Tiger Day, we reaffirm our commitment to conserve tiger population in the country. We are doing whatever we can to save and conserve the majestic animal," said Modi calling upon heads of other countries to form an alliance of global leaders to eliminate the demand for illegal poaching in Asia.

A total of 26,838 camera traps resulted in 34.8 million photographs of wildlife, of which 76,651 were of tigers and 51,777 of leopards.

Facts and Information from The Tiger Census 2018 Result

  1. More than 3,81,000 sq km of forest area was surveyed
  2. Forest rangers have done a survey of more than 5,22,000 km on Foot
  3. There were 26,838 Camara Trap that was deployed in 141 locations
  4. Approximately 34.8 million wildlife photographs were captured by these camera traps.
  5. 2,461 Individual Tigers camera trapped
  6. 2,591 Tigers estimated through capture-mark-recapture
  7. The total population of Tiger is 2,967 estimated during 2018 Tiger Census

India is now home to almost 3000 Tigers, 2967 to be specific. It was more than the double from the 2006 Census which was the first tiger census of India. There are 5 Tiger Landscapes in India, 50 Tiger Reserves and 21 states in India with Tigers present in the wild.

Tiger Landscape wise Tiger Population in India (Comparision chart)

Landscape 2006
Shivalik Gangetic 297 353 485 646
Central India and the Eastern Ghats 601 601 688 1,033
Western Ghats 402 534 776 981
North East Hills &
Bramhaputra Plains
100 148 201 219
Sunderbans NA 70 76 88
Total Tiger Population in India 1,411 1,706 2,226 2,967

Statewise Tiger Population in India (Comparision chart)

State 2006
Bihar 10 8 28 31
Uttrakhand 178 227 340 442
Uttar Pradesh 109 118 117 173
Andhra Pradesh 95 72 68 48
Telangana 26
Chhattisgarh 26 26 46 19
Jharkhand 10 3 5
Madhya Pradesh 300 257 308 526
Maharashtra 103 168 190 312
Odisha 45 32 28 28
Rajasthan 32 36 45 69
Goa 5 3
Karnataka 290 300 406 524
Kerala 46 71 136 190
Tamil Nadu 76 163 229 264
14 28 29
Assam 70 143 167 190
Mizoram 6 5 3 0
Northen WB 10 3 0
Sunderbans 70 76 88

Tiger Population Trend in India

Census Year Tiger Population
2006 1411
2010 1706
2014 2226
2018 2967

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Excellent news Simranjit! Progress is being made. Excellent info as well ^5

Thanks for tiger progress in India, Sim. Years ago you always heard about tiger populations diminishing. It's so great to hear the positive side of their numbers growing. This report shows if we keep doing our part, being in the field, signing petitions to continue protecting tigers, and all wildlife, and their habitats, we can halt, and hopefully fully stop their extinction for good.

Source: https://www.indiaspend.com/indias-tiger-population-doubles-over-12-years-thats-not-all-good-news/
Note:*Estimated through scat DNA; #For comparison with previous estimates of Andhra Pradesh, combine Andhra Pradesh and Telangana population estimate of current year. Figures for West Bengal include the tiger population of North West Bengal and Sunderbans

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