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Yeh, Mary. Happy I can use Robert's laptop. I was having withdrawals to be with you guys online. Whew. Thanks for Robert prayers. Weekend blessings <3

Good morning ladies. I managed to get the newsletter out, go to town for supplies, come home, do chores and then was tuckered out. The bug still has me down a bit, but I'm somewhat improved this morning.
I hope all is going well with everyone. I hope Robert is holding up and Buster is improving.

TY for the votes and have a pleasant Sunday

Hello my friends. Glad to hear your improving Patrick, I bet you were exhausted after the chores and town. Time to rest today those bugs hang on. Drink lots of fluids. And thank you, Buster seems to be improving and we have 7 more days of antibiotics to give him twice a day. You know that isn't easy LOL. Glad about Rani too. Sending continued prayers for him, and Robert Ruth. Mary, how is everything there?  Ty all for the prayers for my feathered baby.    Happy Sunday... Voted

I also have a sick hubby, Doc thinks some kind of stomach bacteria, he's been on antibiotics as well. Geesh no wonder I'm tired LOL.  :-)

i'm glad your doing better Patrick Gayle is right fluids and rest  prayers for Rani ,hi Ruth keeping Robert in my prayers i hope your having a relaxing sunday  i'm glad your here we'd miss you too ,hi Gayle happy that Buster is improving i'l keep him and your hubby in my prayers  ,happy sunday all voted

You're so busy as usual, Patrick. Like Mary and Mandi said, lots of fluids and rest. Glad Rani is doing good. Prayers for her and you. Also for your hubby and Buster, Mandi to get well. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for Robert. We are going to hospital tomorrow to check him in for procedure, and he will stay till Thursday. He's not looking forward being there that long. Welcome for votes. Sunday blessings for all of you.

I think I'm over, whatever it was that I had. It sure had it's way with me. lol... I still feel weak, but all the symptoms have disappeared. Let Robert know we are all thinking of him, Ruth.

I hope it's as nice a day for you ladies as it is here. It's like a beautiful spring day. Warm with a blue sky and a cool breeze.

TY for the votes!

Glad your better Patrick, but still take it easy. Ruth, praying all goes well today with  you and Robert. Your in my thoughts.  How are you Mary? Hubby back off to the Dr. this  morning:(  But Buster has turned around and is eating again Yay.. TY all for the prayers. Lucky Patrick spring day. Cloudy and waiting for rain here.  Happy first day of Spring everyone.    Voted

Feeling like Spring here, but a little cloudy. Robert thought he was going in at 1:00 today, but they said to wait for call to go to hospital. Nothing like waiting. I let him know all of you are thinking and praying for him. When this is done, then he will have surgery next week. Wow, a lot going on. Praying for your hubby to be better soon, and happy Buster is eating again, Mandi. Glad you are better Patrick. All enjoy your Monday Springtime. Voted.

i.l keep you and Robert in my prayers Ruth .Hi Patrick glad your better ,hi Gayle glad Buster is eating  prayers for him and your hubby happy monday all voted

Thanks Mary for prayers for Robert. Happy SpringXO

TY Ruth for prayers for my hubby and Buster/

Also keeping you and Robert in my prayers Ruth.  I hope  you both don't  have to wait to long today to get in. Keep us updated Ruth..  Big hugs

So welcome. Thanks so much, Mandi for your prayers for Robert. Turns out they changed time to go to hospital tomorrow morning at 10. So tired of this run around. Hopefully will happen this time. Will keep all of you updated when I know how his procedure went. Big hugsXO

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