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Since Catman won't post this, I will ROFL. He has his Tigerman Saga at a couple of rating sites, and higher ratings mean more hits on the Tigerman Saga. Please vote daily and help the Saga.

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I got Gizmo's upcoming enclosure (Rani's) all cleaned and sanitized. Today I'll add a layer of clean dirt to the floor of the house and fill in low spots. It's supposed to rain tonight so that will wash the sanitizer into the dirt and start diluting it. I don't want his feet touching it, as it's a bit strong. The rain will keep up through Saturday, so all of the sanitizer will be gone by then and safe to walk on.

I got the front yard (a little over an acre) mowed yesterday. The mower hadn't been started since late Oct., but fired right up. Next I will mow the playground and get that out of the way. The rest of the property will have to wait until after the rains. There's about 5+ acres in all.. I'm looking at moving Gizmo a week from today. I'll take some video or photos.

Have a great Thursday and TY for those votes!

great for you to get to watch movies Patrick you work so hard ,i'm glad Robert is doing better Ruth ,how are you Gayle? voted

It will be worth the wait for sanitizer to sink into ground so it's safe for Gizmo. Look forward to video or photos in the future. You are getting a lot of rain. Glad mower started right up, and you got the front yard mowed. Now for the enclosure. You are so awesome for the tigers. ROARS. Thanks for thinking about Robert, Mary. He loves getting around more, especially with the mower business. Hello Mandi. Woof, chirp, meow. All have a wonderful Thursday. Almost the weekend, yeah. Voted.

Happy Thursday Patrick, Ruth, and Mary. Hope everyone is OK?  Sun again here today. Showers last night. Nice.


Thanks for Thursday wishes. Good sun again there. Cloudy and sunny today here. Nice to have showers. We get them some times at night too. Daily hugs, Mandi:)

Thanks Ruth for the hugs. Right back to  you and the family. Patrick, you have done a lot of work there in the past 12 or so hours. Your going to have to go to bed early, but at least the rain will be good for the enclosure.  Cool the mower fired right up :-)

Doing well here Mary and you?  All take care.

We dropped most of Dish TV premium stuff when we got Netflix and Amazon Prime. Tons of stuff to watch and saving over $100 a month. There were so many channels we were paying for on Dish TV, that we never watched, so it was a good move.

It rained all night, and is raining like heck today. Washing that sanitizer into the soil and diluting it at the same time. I sanitized all of Rani's old toys, balls and utensils yesterday. When it dries out, I'll put a few inches of fresh new soil on the floor of the den house, then a new piece of plywood and some straw. It will be all set for Gizmo.

Obi is supervising all of this work and is quite interested in the going ons. :)
I hope you ladies have a nice Friday and TY for the votes.

That is a better way to go. Those dishes do have too many channels to choose from. We use to have Netflix, now only Amazon Prime. Good for the rain washing sanitizer into soil. Busy guy, Patrick. Funny how Obi is so curious and watching over the prep. Supervisor Obi. Clouds this morning. Maybe rain or not. Welcome for hugs, and thanks for hugs back, Mandi. Hello Mary. All have a wonderful TGIF. Voted.

Happy Friday friends.  I was interested in both your comments Ruth and Patrick about Dish and Amazon Prime. We have Comcast out here and it's expensive, and my Grandson has Direct TV  and my daughter doesn't like it, she has Comcast as well. Good job Obi being the foreman of all your hard work Patrick. Hope he isn't giving  you too many orders LOL. Gizmo is going to have a beautiful enclosure with all the work and rain.  Hello Mary. We are having another sunny day and supposed to reach almost 80 degrees.  Voted

A good way to go if you already have internet. Great sunny day for you. Grand girls, son, and I are going for a walk because of the nice sunny day here. Don't have to wear a coat, finally. Sweet. Lots of love, Mandi <3

Gizmo is going to have a lovely new home Obi wants it just right Patrick  lol  i hear a lot of good things about netflix  i  must try it i have virgin media its quite expensive  .and your right Ruth too many channels  80 degrees Gayle wow its quite cool her dry though  happy friday all voted

I never tried Virgin media before,  and won't since you said is expensive, Mary. Netflix is good. Cool weather nice. We got back from our walk; tired and thirsty. Not too hot though and kind of windy.

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