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how lovely for Gismo i suppose he'l take more notice of Obi when he sorts out his new home  Gayle i never knew Buster would copy other birds how clever of him , Glad its a birt warmer for you Ruth ,i'm waiting for a guy to  come and fix my drains i tried myself disaster lol happy friday all voted

So awesome Gizmo in his new digs, Patrick. Can understand his wanting to get use to them. Having a bigger house and shade from tree. Guess it will take time for him to notice Obi more. Hope storm is over. Fun for him spending so much time in playground. Look forward to photos. Yeh, seems cooler today which I like. Maybe jeans or go to capris again. May is so wishy washy. I understand, Mary about fixing things. Robert is Mr. fix it, but me, no. Glad a guy is coming out to fix drains. Hello Mandi. All have an awesome Friday. Voted.

Happy Friday friends. That's great you got Gizmo in his new digs Patrick. He'll be cuffing soon :-) And storms wow. We are in for a big heat wave starting today :(  Glad Robert is Mr. fixit at your house Ruth. Tom is here as well, but hates plumbing. So glad you called for help Mary. Buster can imitate almost anything, especially ringing phones. LOL. But mostly he just talks about everything. :-) All have a great day. Voted

Even though it is cooler today, most days are getting warmer for us too. Glad Tom is also Mr. fixit. Robert usually fixes whatever he can, which isn't everything. So love Buster imitating everything like ringing phones. Do you have conversations with him?

It's hot here today Ruth about 90. But cooling off now a litle my A/C kicked on in the house.

Oh yes, Buster and I have lots of talk. He tells Ruby all her commands and he blows me kisses when I ask him. He says just about everything  you can think of. It's like having another person in the house when Tom is gone. Such good company :-)

sounds wonderful Gayle  i'd love to hear him ,my drain is fixed at last no more river in my garden great because the grandkids wil be here soon ,hi Ruth great to have a Mr fixit much cheaper lol hows Gismo settling in Patrick ?happy weekend all voted

Obi and Gizmo
I wasn't able to get much for photos and video. I did grab this from a snippet of video after Gizmo went into his new enclosure. I miss my macaw. She was very talkative too. We would go back and forth with words, whistles, barks, meows etc. Lots of stuff she knew what she was saying. Off to do the newsletter. Have a great Sat and TY for the votes

they are magnificent whos the boss ?

Not sure there's a boss, lol. He's a whole lot bigger than her, so size rules I guess. He's been fixed, so there's no dominant male thing
mary foley said: they are magnificent whos the boss ?

I made this vid at FB. I'll link it here
Gizmo 5/18/17

Great photo of Gizmo and Obi. Looks like they are sniffing each other. Very awesome to be closer together, especially since Obi really misses Rani. Sounds so fun having a conversation with Buster, Mandi. Love him talking with Ruby and blowing kisses to you. Glad he is there for you also when Tom is gone. That is hot. We are getting I think 80s. Feels hotter because of us being higher, 3500 ft. It is great to have a Mr. fixit around, Mary. Great you got your drains done and for grand kids when they come over. Have a lot of fun together. Our grand girls are here for the weekend. We are taking them to theater to see Guardians of The Galaxy 2. It is a surprise for them. Genevieve and hubby went on vaca for weekend in California at my Dad's below Sacramento. She really needed to get away for a while. So happy she is. Look forward to newsletter, Patrick. All a wonderful Saturday. Voted.

Saturday, all are busy. I know you miss your Mac Caw Patrick. I hear that ! Amazing how parrots have recognition and timing. The video of Gizmo is fabulous! The grounds look great too. So cute in his tub LOL. Awww good boy kisses for Obi. Ruth you have a busy day but sounds wonderful, that movie is one I want to see :-) Mary so glad to hear plumbing is fixed and the g-kids there. Enjoy everyone.  I'm off to do laundry.  Hot here today 90's. Ugh.  Voted

We will have fun. Thanks Mandi. Try to stay cool as much as possible. I didn't see Gizmo and Obi video. Where did you watch it. I did see photo Patrick posted of them. Happy Saturday.

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