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Since Catman won't post this, I will ROFL. He has his Tigerman Saga at a couple of rating sites, and higher ratings mean more hits on the Tigerman Saga. Please vote daily and help the Saga.

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TGIF.. Our background is missing again. It always seems to come back though. I'm buried in work this morning. Hope everyone has an awesome Friday, TY for the votes :)

Mornin my friends. Background always comes back. Are you taking a break Saturday or Sunday, Patrick. I cleaned house the last 3 days. Enough for me. Grand girls are coming over for the weekend. Sprinkler time. Hello Mandi. Hope you are having an awesome time on vaca, Mary. Voted.

TGIF friends. Background is back  Patrick, hope you don't overwork. Cleaning house for 3 days Ruth, nice that the grands are coming.  Sprinkler time is t he right idea with the heat wave coming. We will be very hot here. Hi Mary wherever you are :-)  Voted

Background is back. I will run in sprinklers too. Be a big kid. All of you stay cool as possible.

Hope and Lora June 2017

Grand girls are still sleeping, so stopping by. It feels a little cooler this morning, but I know by 2, it will be 90-100. Maybe go yard sale hopping. The girls always love going and find stuff. Hope you're resting some, Patrick. How are Obi and Gizmo doing? Hello Mandi. You probably are still having the same hot weather too. It's never ending. Hello Mary, where ever you are. Voted.

Morning friends~ Cute pic of the girls Ruth. Love their pose :-) Yes, indeed, go in the sprinklers with them. And it will be hot like you this afternoon. But cool this morning as well, so let some into the house. Hope all is going OK Patrick.? Hi Mary.


Kids love sprinklers LOL. I use to love them when I was a kid.
Looks like I'm going to have to hire the lawn guy again. I have let the grass get too tall and my back has been bothering me too much to do it myself. I hate parting with the $225, but better than making my back worse. It's been getting better, so I need to still take it easy. There's plenty of other work I can do though.
I already finished the newsletter, so time to get outside and clean some dog pens, feed, water,, etc etc.

At least the bears haven't been back around. I think I have beat them :D
Have a great Sat., and TY for the votes

Must be a busy Sunday for everyone. Myself included. It's been a scorcher here today. I have been sitting in front of the fan, trying to stay cool. lol. I hope everyone had a pleasant Sunday.. TY for voting

Thanks Mandi. Yeh, they do love to pose. We are letting the cool air into house at night and early morning. It does feel great. Then morning at 10 we turn on A/C. Kids do love sprinklers. Same here, Patrick. We went in sprinklers as kids too. Always will be that way, I'm sure. It does make sense to hire lawn guy. It isn't worth hurting your back over. Glad doing at least a little better. WIll check out newsletter. Hello Mary. Voted.

Hello Sunday friends. As Ruth said Patrick, better to hire a guy that risk worsening  you already hurt back. Backs are so hard to keep pain free.  Sprinkler fun is and always will be something to do. Now the kids make those water skids with plastic I see. It is a scorcher here as well today. Couldn't even open door this morning the temp was 72 at 7:45 am. It has reached just abut 100 now. I see a breeze coming up maybe it will cool it down a little later on. A/C is running.

Even Ruby said no way outside today LOL. Hi Mary    Voted

I think it's a slip-n-slide that kids skid on. When I was little we used new big trash bags, put them together. Didn't work as good. Morning same as you. When afternoon hits it's 100. There is a little breeze right now. Don't blame Ruby not wanting out in heat too. Ah, A/C is so wonderful. All have a good night.

Good morning ladies. It's a nice Monday morning here. Clear skies with a cool breeze. It's supposed to be a hot one, later in the day though. Going to town for supplies, so I can see how the car AC is doing. If it needs a shot of juice, I can have that tended to. I hope everyone has a nice Monday, TY for the votes.

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