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Since Catman won't post this, I will ROFL. He has his Tigerman Saga at a couple of rating sites, and higher ratings mean more hits on the Tigerman Saga. Please vote daily and help the Saga.

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Mornin my W1 friends. It is cool this morning too, but will be hot later as everyday now. Noooo. That's a great idea when you get supplies to checkout the AC and get more freon while you're there if needed. Hello Mandi and Mary. Voted.

Good morning friends. The car ac still has some life left in it, lol,, so I held off on a recharge. The longer I wait, the longer it will be for another one. If it lasts until Oct., that's good enough and won't need it until spring. They are quite expensive to replace. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and stays cool. I appreciate the votes!

Hello Tuesday friends. You got off good Patrick with the A/C still working in the car. indeed they are expensive to replace.  Been there, done that. ;-)  My neighbor friends just flew off to Disney Land for 4 days. They host 2 girls from Latvia twice a year and they will be off to go back to their home from there.

Hi Ruth and Mary--hope everyone has a nice Tuesday. So much cooler this morning was able to open sliding door. Hoping for a cooler day. Voted.

I'll bet that's pretty exciting for those Latvian girls. Your friends are very nice for hosting them. Quite an experience for all involved. I think a new AC compressor is around $1000. Not in a hurry to spend that.

I hope everyone has a great camel day. It's supposed to get in the 90's F here today. TY for the votes

Hello Wednesday friends.  What kind of car that you have is the A/C problem Patrick.  Yep, $1000 could be right, sometimes you can get a re manufactured  for less. 90's about right weather, I think here too. The Latvian girls have a great time out here. And darling too. Ages 9 and 10 sisters.   Hi Ruth and Mary-enjoy today.  Voted

TIme is passing by too fast again. Finally here. That's good, Patrick, you don't really need a whole AC unit. They are spendy. Sure the sisters and your neighbors are having so much fun at Disneyland, Mandi. That is so great they sponsor those girls. Really means a lot. It is in mid 80s here today. Inside most of day with AC going though. Genevieve, the girls, and me are going grocery shopping Friday for our road trip to Cali. We don't leave till Sunday for 10 days. Woohoo. So long since been on vaca somewhere else. I don't know if I will be able to get on computer at my Dad's. If I can, will stop by and say hi, how much I can. Hi Mary. Hope you are having a wonderful time. All have a fantastic night. Voted.

Those are great ages for Disneyland. It will be a lifetime memory for them. I started mowing yesterday, but wow,, I was about to boil. It was 2 PM and hot as the dickens. LOL.. I gave up after finishing the front yard (about 1 1/2 acres). That's that much less I won't have to pay the lawn guys to do ;)

That sounds like a nice vacation Ruth.
I have a GMC Terrain, I probably can get a rebuilt AC. I did that for the Hyundai Sante Fe and it's still blowing cold (I still have it) I saved about $200.
TY for the votes and have a great Thurs!

Hello everybody. 2 is when the real heat wave comes here too, Patrick. Glad you at least go the front yard mowed. Less money to pay the lawn guys. Yeh, we will have a lot of fun building memories together. Use to live in California, but when Robert moved up here in Oregon in 95, he never looked back, and I followed in 2003. Got away from all that traffic, never again. Even though Bend, which is about 14 miles away, has grown way too much. To busy for me. Love Redmond because it's not a really a small town, but small enough for us. I'm going to dentist for an initial appt. today. Finally, it's been so long. Hello Mandi and Mary. If you are still on vaca, Mary, hope you are having a wonderful time. Stay safe and cool all for Thursday. Voted.

This last weekend at fountains here in Redmond, OR. We had so much fun getting wet and staying cool together:)

Happy Thursday friends. Yep, about 2 ish and 3 for sure is peak heat here. Less money to the lawn guys is always a good thing Patrick. Glad  your a/c is still working in the Terrain. As for parts, you've been there done that.

Ruth such a great pic of the girls in the park fountains. they are so cute!  My grandson takes the great grand sons to one where they live also. Such fun. Hope you ran through too:)  Oh yes, the traffic is bad here. And with Google buying up everything and hiring it just gets worse. When we bought here, we were the  youngsters, now we are the oldsters LOL.

 All have a great day. These are  my boys :-)   Voted

All the boys cute and handsome, Mandi, Thanks for compliment on girls photo. Hope did run through the fountains this time. She got over her fear of scraping her leg finally. Very cool. Lora is such an adventurer, she doesn't hesitate to go right in. Sure your great grandsons love it too. You have Google where you live too. Prineville, where Genevieve lives, has Apple, Google, FB up on the hill. There isn't alot of traffic there. Maybe because a smaller town. Robert and I are the oldsters here too lol. All have a good night.

Ty Ruth, hope all are doing Ok here. Didn't hear from Patrick today. I guess you left for your vaca to your Dad's?

All have a great Friday  night   Voted

Welcome, Mandi. Packing today. We are leaving tomorrow morning around 5 a.m. Taking our time. Genevieve planned trip all out. Be about a 13 hour drive, including stopping at rest stops. We got food for cooler yesterday. Getting so excited. Been a long time since been on vaca with the girls. Maybe Patrick is so busy with chores. Hello Patrick and Mary. Hope I can come here to say hi. Will miss all of you if I can't. We will be back August 1. Voted.

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