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sciatica is so painfull my sister has it she swears by acupunture too taking it easy will help too hi Ruth must be awful with no a/c in that heat ,Its not raining today Gayle nice day really happy thursday all voted

Even though not raining there Mary, is it cool? Heat wave everyday here. Eric and I walk or ride bikes late morning, a little cooler then, not by much though. I know how you feel, Mandi. My grocery shopping day was Tuesday. Glad to be done with it for a while. Robert is going to check a switch behind AC button on panel today. Hope that's it. All have a wonderful Thursday

Good morning ladies... My back is much better. I guess it just needed a rest. Looks like T-storms later today.
I will probably only need 1 more mowing before autumn. I will try doing it myself, if my back is okay. So far, my car AC is holding up,, weak but working. I may need one more shot of freon before cool weather moves in, then that will buy time to replace the compressor.

TGIF, TY for the votes!

i'm glad your backis better Patrick taking it easy probably helped,hi Ruth its quite muggy here very tiring weather we are not used to it i must get some shopping done today the grandkids are coming tomorrow ,hi Gayle how are you ? all have a great weekend voted

TGIF friends. Ruth  hopefully Robert finds the a/c problem.  Nothing worse than muggy weather Mary, we too, are not used to that. Patrick, glad to hear your back is better, rest and heating pad help. If you mow, take it real slow. Hope your car a/c holds up too. Nice and cool here this morning before the warm up. Ruby had tons of fun again, playing with her "boyfriend" (Morgan) last night. Neighbors stop by in the front to let their dogs play with Ruby :-) Love the pic Mary :-) Our crepe myrtle tree in front really pink.  all enjoy your Friday    VotedDidn't;'t have time to turn the picture around LOL.....

Glad your back is better after resting, Patrick. Take it easy when doing mowing or other chores. Great your car AC is working still. Rain finally is here. A couple of days after you sent it over, Mary. LOL. Muggy is so sticky. I'll send rain to you now. Very cute weekend kitties' pic. Best buds. I'm looking so forward to Fall. Good idea to get shopping done before grandkids come over tomorrow. Have tons of fun together. I miss my grandgirls, Hope and Lora. Can't get over there as much anymore. Maybe rain will make it to you soon, Mandi. Beautiful tree. Oh so pink. Ruby romping around with her boyfriend. So cute and fun. Sure all of the dogs love having their playtime together. Everybody have a great rest of TGIF day and night. Voted.


Good morning ladies. Hot water now working :) .. Everything is caught up except mowing. I'm going to hold off on that until I get back from my service visit in Oklahoma next week. I have put them off two weeks in a row, so I'm already late. I'm not going to chance in triggering my back mowing, until I get back.

Awesome tree Gayle. I sized, cropped and rotated it. lol.. Cute photos Mary and Ruth.

I hope you ladies have a great Sat. Off to do the newsletter, then a drive to town for groceries. TY for the votes!

what a beautiful tree Gayle i saw it on facebook it looks amazing hi Patrick hope your back is ok for the journey ,hi Ruth i hope you have a visit with Hope and Lora soon grandkids are great fun  all have a great saturday voted

Hello Saturday friends. First, ty Patrick for "fixing" my tree LOL. Glad you all liked it. Hope your back travels OK for you and good,leave the mowing for now. Yay and hot water. Ruth, adorable picture of the pups. Mary I hope your weather is better and your enjoying grands visit. Adorable weekend pic.

Our weather is holding at about 85, but a little humid. Hubby is gone to the Salt Flats for 6 days with 3 other gentlemen. Driving. They enjoy. Ruby is already wondering where her Daddy went LOL.  Voted

Good waiting to mow till your back is more better, Patrick. Since you have the bead seat that helps for driving long distance. Very nice posting Mandi's tree. Glad you like dog pic. I love all you guys' pics. Want to be like the lioness, but keep on getting up to do things. It's around 85 here too, Mandi, but muggy/humid, especially with all of the fires around us, not close though. Very interesting your hubby driving on the Salt Flats. Sure he and the other men are having a great time. Ruby's sitting there saying, 'where did Dad go'? Hopefully I will see Hope and Lora soon. Grandkids are fun. Glad you are enjoying being with yours, Mary. Tons of Saturday night hugs for all. Voted.

Nope, no bead seat, just buttons that add support in different places. LOL.. I like it :)

Hope your hubby is having a good time Gayle. Cute puppy pic Mary. I hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday. Rainy all day here. TY for the votes.

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