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Hi there Patrick, Mary, and Ruth. Cooler but  still humid here. Got a breeze going so clearing the air much better.

Your getting rain already Mary wow. How are you Ruth  All take care this Tuesday eve.  voted

Love the Labor Day pic, Mandi. Hope holiday good for you and Patrick. Glad you have a breeze going, clearing the air at least a little. We still have smoke making it really hot. Makes me sick in the stomach from  breathing it. The kids started school today. Haven't talked with Genevieve if they went or not do to the bad air. Good you don't have smoke where you are, Patrick. Have a safe trip. Try to send your rain over, Mary lol. There is a lot of it there. Have a good night all. Voted.

Good morning ladies. I worked last night, so I'm just getting up and around. I could have slept a couple more hours, but the office called with a problem and woke me up. It is so sad about the wild fires in the western states. Plus, Irma coming for Florida. Everything is crazy.

Have a nice camel day and TY for the votes

the weather sure is crazy Patrick. Yes Gayle we had so much rain on sunday  today is a lovely  mild day a bit humid the weather here used to be so predictable not any more i'm glad you have a breeze  i'm hoping that smoke will clear for you Ruth all enjoy wednesday voted

Hello Wednesday friends. Yes. this weather is pretty awful with Irma going to the key Patrick. And still humid here. You as well Mary. Used to be anyone could count on your weather for events etc. Not anymore. Big fire by my grandson, 45 min from us, but he's OK there. Ruth hope it clears for you.   Have nice day all.  voted

Glad your grandson is safe, Mandi. So many fires and storms making it hard to go about life normally. Same as you and Mary. A little humid here too some days. Hope you are catching up on sleep, Patrick. Happy Camel Day to all of you. Voted.

morning Gayle Ruth Patrick what we wouldn't give for a cool breeze  we use to have the giving away of them here Glad your grandson is safe Gayle  all have a great thursday voted 

Hello my W1 friends. Still smoky and hot. Went grocery shopping for month this morning. Took a couple of hours. Glad to be done with that for a while. Hope your air is better there, Mandi. You sent rain here, Mary, but only sprinkles for a minute or 2. Better than nothing. Are you relaxing any, Patrick. Prayers for everybody in storms, fires, and floods. All have a wonderful rest of Thursday. Voted.

Good evening friends. Long drive home today, with several stops. Finally got in and got the chores caught up. It sure was hot in Oklahoma City, mid 90'sF. Nice and cool here at home on the mountain top. I think I'm just going to pay the lawn service guy to do my place one more time. It will be $250 but it saves on my back which is still tender, especially after all the driving this week.
Looks like we have Hurricane Jose chasing behind Irma. They need to go out into the ocean and dry up. Florida is getting ready to be smashed, maybe twice in a row.
Cute photo Ruth, I'm going to consider the weekend already started :D
Hope everyone had a good Thursday and TY for the votes!

Good evening friends. glad you got home Patrick , good idea getting the lawn guy especially with the back and all that driving. Ruth, air cleared up some but still humid. Not  used to that. Mary your weather is weird as well too? Yes, Patrick Jose is following Irma now. Terrible . Cute pic Ruth.  I think it is time to start the weekend. LOL.  Voted

Happy Friday Eve. 

9:30 am and I'm just getting up. The sleep felt good though. I missed a lot while out of town. TGIF everyone. Getting ready to head to town for supplies. Cute pic Gayle :)
TY for the votes and have a great day!

Hi there Friday friends. Glad you got some much needed sleep Patrick. Safe trip to town. Weather here is cooler this morning. Nice relief. Humidity still high. Sending prayers for all the hurricane victims and pets. Hi Mary and Ruth,hoe all is well.  All take care. Voted

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