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Hello  Monday friends. Right Patrick good about Irma, but still high winds they say. Earthquake in New Mexico? I heard 8.1 and many dead. Mary and Ruth hope all is well. We had a huge wind 3 am this morning, knocked power out around me, but somehow I escaped that. Lots of things blown over though. All OK. All have a good day, Voted

 hope everyone is having a lovely monday voted

Awww, Cyoooot Kitty Monday hugs and kisses, Mandi.Oh, New Mexico, not Mexico. Glad all is well with you from the winds and power outage you had. Hope you got the blown over things right side up. It is 87 today. I looked at forecast for rest of this week, 60s/70s. Woohoo. Closer to Fall. Very funny and cute gif, Mary. I saved it to my folder. Going to show it to Rohke and see if he responds. Love ya, Ruth <3

This cat really loves flying. MRAW.

Adorable Mary and Ruth gifs and Utube  :-)   :-)

Thanks, Mandi. Rohke would of been off of that wing so quickly, hopefully before lift off.

LOL Ruth I'm sure he would  ;-)

Good morning ladies.. Cool graphics Mary and Ruth. Replacing the washing machine today. The spin cycle isn't working on our old one. Buying a used one for $125 with a 30 day guarantee.
Quite cool this morning with some rain moving in. A little vestige of Irma coming across our area.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday, TY for the votes!

Yes he would most definitely. Cooler here this morning too, Patrick. Lovin it. I wouldn't mind some rain. Good deal on washing machine. Ours is still working for after 11 years. Knock on wood lol. We had to replace our dryer about 3 times, but this one has lasted for about 6 years. Hey there Mandi and Mary. Glad all like video. Tons of Tuesday hugs for everyone. Voted.

Hello Tuesday friends. That's a very good deal on a used  washer Patrick. Like you Ruth, my washer and dryer are still working  have had them since 2006,  I wish they'd blow up, I'd love to  have those new front loader ones, but would never be able to afford them anyway. Tom would try to repair these anyway LOL.

We had very strong winds, lightening, LOUD thunder and rain yesterday. Wish the rain would have lasted longer though. Mary how are you?  All take care. voted.

my washer is pretty old as well Patrick  Luke my son won it in a raffle when he was 17 hes 31 now so it is good but old   i'v had it repaired Gayle  it has some odd parts lol knocking on wood for your washer Ruth ,very windy here today all have a great tuesday voted

Darling pic Mary. Glad you have an operating washer as well. Hot  here, wish I had some of your breeze but not wind. LOL Take care.

The new (used) washer might be a lemon :( I will work on it when I get home (heading up to Springfield, Missouri for meat now).
It's nice and cool here today. Nice day for a drive. Cute pics Gayle and Mary. :)

I hope everyone has a nice camel day, TY for the votes

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