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hi Gayle  glad you got cooler weather  Ruth is it still smokey? Patrick  i hope your home with the supplies by now all have a lovely friday voted

Thanks for cute Friday free hug, Mandi. I am yawning like the leopard. We got rain yesterday about 4 p.m. It was so refreshing. I left my windows open in my car, and our neighbor told me. Glad your weather is cooler. Still smoky but not as much, Mary. Awwww Snoopy and Woodstock Friday wishes. Great you got sleep you needed, Patrick. Good idea to have the lawn guys mow. Not worth hurting your back more. Hope you got all of your supplies. Glad you like see weekend kitteh. All have a good TGIF night. Voted.

Good morning ladies. Looks like Irma is hitting FL today. I am praying for all of those people down there. We ended up skipping the drive to town yesterday. Getting ready to go now. I'll work up the newsletter when we get back.

Glad you got some rain Ruth. Every place with fires needs rain. Have a great Sat. ladies and TY for the votes.

Love the cute pic Ruth, lucky to have a little rain, nice. Patrick enjoy your drive to town and getting supplies. Any special plans ?  LOL  Mary how are things there?  Hope all  have a nice Saturday.  Voted.

hi Gayle all quiet here waiting for grandkids ,i'm so glad you got a little rain Ruth ,and that you got a little rest Patrick praying for all the people and animals in the path of Irma  they are suffering so much , voted

I was up too late last night, binge watching an Amazon Prime series. So I slept in this morning. Also checking the Weather Channel a lot because of Irma. I have lived twice in Florida, once through my high school years, then again with my wife for a few years. in the early 1980's. I know a lot if people there and fear for them. Hurricanes spawn a lot of tornadoes, so that's a big threat to people too.

I have no special plans today, just taking it easy. I will try to track down the lawn guy and schedule a big mow for later in the week. Should be the last time for the year. I'm going to ask him to mow it real close to the ground.

Any of you ladies have any special plans for today?
I hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday, and TY for the votes

hi Patrick i do that sometimes on netflix its great  for a break i'm praying for all in the path of Irma hi Gayle and Ruth voted

I continue prayers for all the people and those you know  in Irma's path and now too, tornadoes. I sent you a PM on FB Patrick about the  plans LOL. I have no plans, it's football and the end of the men's final in the US tennis open. Still humid here Mary. You binge watch on netfilix as well at times .  Hi Ruth all OK?  All enjoy your Sunday Voted

Been busy running around today, and now finally relaxing a bit. Robert's making pizza right now, and I'm saving my appetite for it. Very cute Sunday smileys, Mandi. They are cool. Hope the humanity goes away soon there. It is great to watch some Amazon or Netflix, Patrick.  Enjoyed the rain, but hasn't rained since. Cooler here though, and smoke pretty much cleared up, which means fires are being contained; some good news. Prayers for people and animals from hurricanes, floods, fires. Mexico had an 8.1 earthquake yesterday, and I think a hurricane or one coming there. When will it end? Hello Mary. Glad you built more memories with your grandkids. All have a wonderful Sunday night. Voted.

Yum on the pizza Ruth. Cute pic. Glad you are cooler, we are hot, hot here today. Nice to have the grandkids Mary. Good evening everyone

Thanks, Mandi. So nice of dog to let cute kitty by. Night hugsXO

Cute gif Ruth. That kitten just pushes his way through. LOL.

Looks like Irma lost a lot of power after making landfall. That's good. They haven't said much about the earthquake on TV.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Have a great Monday and TY for the votes!

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