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Love the lioness and Tuesday kitty pics, girls. Good you two have working washers. Your weather is crazy, Mandi. Wouldn't mind the rain though. Hope your wind dissipates for you soon, Mary. I did the math of how long you have had your washer. 14 years old and still going, even if it rattles. Ours does that sometimes with bigger loads. Robert fixes it too, before getting another one, like your Tom. I call Robert Mr. fix it. That's been his other name since we were in our 20s, so long ago. It would be nice to get one of those front loader ones. If only. Your washer will be going soon, Patrick, then that one will last another 10+ years. Have a cool and safe trip getting meat for the kids. Wednesday good vibes for all. Voted.

hi Gayle Patrick Ruth we  have hailstones here right now what next?glad its cool for your drive Patrick good luck with the washer  i wish you had a cool breeze too Gayle  how are you Ruth voted

Hi there Wednesday friends.  Adorable pic Mary, thanks we are cooler but with high humidity again. Wow hailstones, your weather is weird as well. Ruth I wish we had more rain as well. You have a Mr. Fix it too LOL. It's a good thing when house or car problems arise for sure. Patrick, hoping with you working on it our washer it will be OK. Glad your drive for meat for the kitties will be a  nice one. . Be safe.  All have a good hump day. Voted.

Wild about hail, Mary. We had a hail storm a couple of months ago. Hope and Lora picked the hail balls and put them in a plastic tub. It was sitting in our freezer for a while. Cute Wednesday monkey, Mandi. Yep, it is great to have a Mr. Fix It. Does come in handy. Hope the humidity goes away, and the cool stays for you. Night hugsXO

morning Gayle Patrick Ruth nice day here today a bit windy but just showers not hailstones , hope all is well with everyone hugs voted

Good morning friends. I hope all is going well. I think I know what's wrong with the new (used) washer I bought and will work on it today. If I can't fix it, I will have to load it back up and take it back. I sure don't want to do that, if I don't have to. It's heavy to lift by myself.
Cute photos ladies :)

Have a great day and TY for the votes.

Hello my friends. Those kitties look so comfy on dog, Mary. Glad you are only getting sprinkles, not hail. Our temps are going down 60s to 70s. Love the cool. We might get rain today too, but not sure. Taking Robert to doctors this morning to discuss procedures for his back and feet. You can definitely relate with back pain, Patrick. It will be nice if you can fix washer yourself so you don't have to lift it up. Hello Mandi. Everybody have a wonderful Thursday. Voted.

Hello Thursday friends. Oh back issues Patrick, I have those as well, even had back surgery, so hope you can fix it.

Cute  pix Mary and Ruth. Wish we had a little of your rain Mary. Hope Roberts doc visit is  productive and to his liking. All enjoy a great day. Warm, humid and a little breeze here.  Voted.

Good morning ladies. Very cute pics. TGIF! It's been a long week here. It's 9:30 and my lawn guy was supposed to call at 8 am. I wish you had rain too Gayle. Hoping Robert's dr visit goes well Ruth. Glad there is no hail Mary.
Have a great Friday ladies and TY for the votes.

Hello W1 peeps. Glad you like pic, Patrick. All of these cyoooot animal pics make my day.Hope the lawn guy calls soon. Good you are getting a little breeze, Mandi. No rain here so far here either, but definitely cooler days now. Sometimes hot mid afternoon. Robert's doc told him he has curvature of the spine, which I thought they would know that already since his back x-ray so long ago. Talked about his feet being cold and not getting enough circulation. Probably caused by crushed disc. He is getting an MRI of his spine soon. Don't know full remedie yet. I will keep all of you in tune. Hello Mary. Hope not too windy or rainy for you today. Everybody have a great TGIF. Voted.

I can't stop watching this. he he.

Hello Friday friends. ~So typical of people out here to be late for a job Patrick. Hoping you've heard from them by now. Ruth, sounds like Robert has a lot going on. Praying that he doesn't have to have back surgery. Yes, keep us up to date. No rain here either but cooler this morning and hotter afternoons like you. Mary how are you doing there?  I do love that bird and kitty too Ruth LOL. All enjoy your day.. Voted

hi Gayle  what a cute pic  i hope its a bit cooler for you today Ruth i'm sorry Robert has back trouble he's had such a tough year healthwise   ,Patrick i hope the washer is ok and the guy has shown up by now all enjoy friday voted

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