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Hello everybody. Awesome, new Blade Runner was great, Patrick. Imax is a wonderful way to see it. Been a while since been to an Imax. It is definitely better to see old one first, because of new one relating so much to it. We watched first Blade Runner with Eric about 2 months ago. We all love it. Robert has an appointment with his primary care taker this morning, to talk about his back, legs and feet. Hope also to set MRI appt. He said his meds aren't doing anything, so I guess discuss that too. Will keep updates coming after we know more. Many thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for him. Hello Mandi and Mary. Everybody have a wonderful day. Voted.

i hope all goes well at the appointment Ruth continuing prayers ,i never saw Blade Runner Patrick but i will now ,hi Gayle hows things ?voted

Awesome to hear about the new Blade Runner Patrick. I'v always had that loud in spots happen on inside movies. I think it's the movie in my opinion, they have to keep your attention LOL. Glad you enjoyed. Yes, Mary, you'll have to watch Blade Runner number 1.

So happy to hear about Robert's appointment this morning Ruth. Good opportunity to discuss med's and the MRI, sending continued prayers and do keep us updated   Voted Nice thing about today being Columbus Day in the US is no mail yay!!  cute pic Ruth.

No mail. No news is good news. Great pic with Columbus' ship, Mandi. Glad you like hiding from Monday dog. Do watch first Blade Runner, Mary. One of my favorites. Now I can't wait to see new Blade Runner in theater, since Patrick's review of it.

Good morning ladies.. Harrison Ford is good in about any movie. LOL. We usually do grocery shopping on Sundays, but we skipped it to see the movie. So we are getting it together and heading to town this morning.

I see on news, that wine areas of Cali is on fire Gayle. Is this area near you?

I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday and TY for the daily votes

Morning W1 peeps. He is a great actor in most of his movies. Makes sense to put off your grocery shopping for Blade Runner. Did your wife like movie too? Nice and cool here, but no rain for a couple of weeks. Robert got a call from his doctor who performed his shunt, and making an appointment for his MRI, but first an ultrasound of his lower back, legs and feet. His feet are always cold. Maybe bad circulation because of pressure from lower disc being crushed down. They said wait for a call, but we know how that goes. Robert might have to call himself and bug them again. Patients shouldn't have to do that. These days there is not great communication between doctors and medical offices. At least here in Central Oregon. The fires are so out of control, and the firefighters were took by surprise. I hope they find the 150 missing people. Prayers for all there, and family members who lost loved ones and friends. Hello Mandi and Mary. All have a fabulous Tuesday. Voted.

Patrick enjoy grocery shopping worth the wait to see Blade Runner. We are a couple hours away from the fires but still got the smoke and soot . Terrible thing going on. Mother Nature is really mad lately all around. Oh now Ruth, another wait for a call thing. So wrong.  How are you Mary ?  All take good care enjoy Tuesday. Voted

Gayle i'm glad your safe from the fires i was worried Hi Ruth its so wrong for Robert to have to persue these people  Patrick i'd put off shopping any time lol stay safe everyone voted

Mother Nature is on a roll. So happy to hear you aren't too close to fires, Mandi. The smoke is hard to live with too, knowing from experience a couple of months ago. Actually made me sick. Hang in there.

It is very wrong for Robert to be in control of medical decisions. That's the doctor's job. There I go venting. Thanks for all of your thoughts for him. Maybe things will look up in next couple of days. Tons of goodnight hugs.

Good morning ladies. They do intentional burns here, so I know how smoke can be so acrid and hard to breathe. However, the intentional burns help prevent wildfires by burning off the ground clutter which removes the fuel for wildfire.

My wife has a crush on Harrison Ford, so she's up for seeing any movie by him LOL...

Prayers for Robert Ruth.

I hope everyone has a great camel day, TY for the votes.

I Hope you hear something soon Ruth i hope your not getting smoke Gayle hi Patrick voted

I know about those intentional burns Patrick, shame this wasn't that. What a sad situation up there. fires just keep breaking out due to the wind.  Bubbling Well where I have 2 of my girls buried was burned to the ground. I hope they rebuild as it's the biggest pet cemetery around here.  Prayers for Robert Ruth.  Mary, we are getting some of the smoke. Looks pretty ominous out there.

All take care and have  a good Wednesday.  Voted.

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