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Nice gif Gayle, that looks like Daisy. You ladies find such cool memes. :)
I slept in this morning, watched Netflix until 3 am. LOL

Do they know what started the wildfires Gayle? It's destroying Cali's wine industry. So sad... It will take years to recover.

I hope everyone has a nice Thursday, TYSM for the daily votes.

I love staying up late and watching TV. Good for you Patrick.  Daisy must be beautiful if she looks like that gif.  They haven't gotten far with investigations of how the first started yet. They are concentrating on getting everyone out of the fire zones.

Hi Mary and Ruth, hope all is well.. We are inhaling smoke here. ugh.   Voted

hi Gayle what an awful thing these wildfires are long after they have gone out people are inhaling smoke and their livelhoods ruined  my heating is broken and i dont have a clue how to fix it better call a plumber lol all enjoy thursday voted

oh dear Mary   no heating with the colder weather coming. Do hope you were able to  get it fixed.  love the pic :-)

TGIF.. Daisy is quite old and blind now, so I should have said,, use to look like that. She's still pretty though, even at 15 years old. I hope you are able to get your heating fixed soon Mary. I am getting ready to drive to town and have Pepper's stitches removed.

I hope you ladies have a great Friday, TY for the votes

15 sure is a good old age Patrick. I wish our Dobes would go that long. Did Pepper bother with her stitches at all? Glad to get those out. Mary, our heater is acting up as well. Not sure what to do about that yet. Hope you had good luck?  Ruth thinking of you and Robert. Voted

No worries  :-)

no luck with the plumber i'l call a different one tomorrow its hard to get a repair done ,any luck with yours Gayle ? Patrick 1 of my dogs is blind as well shes 14 a mixed breed dog shes doing quite well right now good days and slow ones Ruth thinking of you and Robert    all enjoy friday voted

Friday 13th Comments

Magickal Graphics

Hello my friends. Hope smoke is clearing up soon, Mandi. Since the smoke a couple of months ago here, I know how horrible it is to breathe it in. I talked to a fireman, and he said the fires in California were a surprise, and the winds are making them worse still. Prayers for all of the people and animals in the fire danger zones, they get out safely, and family/friends who have lost loved ones.Hope all is well taking Pepper's stiches out and she is recuperating good, Patrick. Daisy is a cutey no matter how old, and Pepper is a good friend for her. Both of you girls with heater problems. Hope they get fixed soon, getting colder. Love the wonderful memes. All have a fantastic TGIF night. Voted.

Hope you get heater fixed tomorrow, Mary. We found out today, our state insurance isn't going to cover MRI for Robert to determine lower back and nerve damage. When he went last year, they did a scan and determined that he does. This is so frustrating. Will update as time goes by. Appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for him. Cute Friday 13th kitties, girls.

Got the stitches out then left her at the vets while running errands. She's a good little dog, very friendly,, but barks incessantly. I have to wonder if that's why people got rid of her (stupid reason). I put her in with Daisy overnight and that helped.
Can you dispute the insurance company Ruth? Seems to me, if a doctor orders it, they should pay.

Cute Fri. 13th memes :)
I hope everyone is having a great Sat., TY for the votes!

Awww sweet Pepper and Daisy Patrick, Daisy will calm Pepper's barking in time hopefully. Ruth, what kind of state insurance is this?  So sorry to hear. Keeping you both in prayers.  Mary hope your having some good weather? We are still smoking out here. (fires)  All stay safe and well. Voted.

praying that Robert gets sorted soon Ruth this is so frustrating for ye  ,Patrick Daisey will help Pepper to settle i'm sure  Gayle continuing prayers for the people and animals in Cali  hope the smoke clears soon for you  all enjoy your day voted

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