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thats great that the kittens are eating for your wife Patrick ,glad your gettting a drop of rain Gayle  praying for Robert Ruth happy tuesday all voted

Very nice your wife hand feeding the kitties, Patrick. They are so loved by both of you, and feel happy. We had a cool sunny blue day here. When wind comes up, it is colder. Hello Mary. Did your daughter find the mother of the kitties that got homes, to get her neutered? Hope not too wet there, Mandi. Love the Monday and Tuesday kitties pics, girls. All have a purrrrfect Tuesday night. Button still not there. Very strange. Voted.

Still no sign of Marbles, I fear the worst. :( That only leaves 3 near grown kitties (from Marbles' previous litter) outside and the three babies Karen is feeding. However, we have 4 ferals in the sunroom, needing "fixing". They have been kept separate from the outside ferals to prevent breeding.

On a side note, I finally was able to get into my account at TopWebs and got the new button code. I have edited the forum topic and now have the new button. So we have that back now. LOL...

Warm and rainy tonight (45 F) ,, hoping Pepper doesn't bark all night. I need some sleep.

Patrick, sorry to hear about Marbles, but you and  your wife are surly doing great with the kittens and the ferals. How did Pepper do last night, get any sleep? Hi Mary and Ruth, hoping all is OK. We are gloomy and spot sprinkles with the weather here. Talking about a big storm up north where the somoma fires were and now the run off and flooding is the worry. Voted good job fixing the button Patrick :-)

Hi Ruth it was my sister who had the ferals she finally did get the mom nuetered  its very cold here not too wet ,how is Robert doing?Patrick i'm so sorry about marbles your doing so good with the kittens ,is pepper sleeping any better? hi Gayle its gloomy here too  so hard on those poor people and animals  first fires now storms  and floods  . hope you all have a peaceful wednesday voted

Pepper woke up at 1 AM and barked constantly until 3 AM or later. She's an irritating little dog. Still no Marbles but the kittens are eating great (with everything working on the discharge ends) :)
Sorry to hear about the big storms Gayle, and the cold Mary.

Any word on Robert Ruth?

Have a great camel day and TY for the votes (fixing the button was a pain in the butt, LOL)

Great job on new button, Patrick. I am glad the kittens are eating good, and they are healthy. It seems like Pepper will never settle down. But think positive; maybe in time. So sad you still can't find Marbles. Hope she is alive and alright. Hope there aren't major mudslides from the rain, Mandi. Hang in there with the rain and gloomy weather, Mary. It is overcast, cold, and windy here today. Robert's still waiting for MRI call to make an appointment. He's hanging in there, and takes meds for his feet and legs. Helps a little, but not much. Thanks for all of you thinking of him. Have a wonderful night, my friends. Voted.

hi Patrick glad the kittens are doing well you truly are a cat man ,Hi Gayle i hope all is well and your far from the storms .Ruth keeping Robert in my prayers all enjoy thursday voted

Awwww, Very cyoooot Purr-fect Day kitties, Mary, and funny dancing Wednesday kitty, Mandi. Thanks for prayers for us.  Hello Patrick. Voted.

                                                                    Nighty night. zzzzzzzz

Great puppies photo! Cute kitties.
Well, I am missing one of the "almost grown" kitties outside. There were three to appear every day to eat, but today only two. There was some blood on the driveway, might have been the one's that's missing, or blood from something the feral cats killed (mouse, rat, snake, mole, vole, who knows) However, Pepper hasn't gotten out, so it's not something bad she did. I guess I will keep my eye out for him, along with Marbles.
If there's something else killing them (like a coyote, bobcat, fox, etc) then maybe Pepper is only guilty of dragging up the dead cat, that some wild animal killed. The mystery deepens.

On a positive note, the tiny kitties inside are very healthy and eating (and pooping) great. I made them a wee litter box today, so they will have that going for them when they figure it out.
I hope everyone had a nice Thursday,, TY for the votes

Awww so happy for the little kittens and the work your doing with them Patrick. And glad Pepper isn't guilty of any murders  ;-)  Continued prayers for Robert Ruth.Adorable kitty pic. Yours too Mary, we were peppered with strong rains today. So getting Ruby in and out for her business was tiring. LOL.. Very late tonight. Hope all had a good Thursday.  voted

So sad one of the kitties might have been killed, Patrick. It is great Pepper isn't to blame for the killings. Could be one of three you mentioned. Glad the tiny kitties are eating and pooping. Good idea to make a litter box for them. They will figure it out. You and your wife are very caring, and your love for animals really shows.

Glad you like kitty pic, Mandi. Sounds really wet there. We have gray clouds, but no rain. Hope you didn't get too drenched taking Ruby out for her business. Be nice to catch up on some sleep. Hello Mary. All have a great TGIF. Good to have button back. Voted.


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