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TGIF.. Finally home and chores done. Exhausted.. Pepper killed my favorite outside feral cat (Marbles). Ate half of her too.  :'(

I'm going to have to do something. There's half grown kittens out there too, that I like, especially one named Patches.

I hope everyone has a nice Friday night,, TY for the votes

Good grief, I'm so sorry to hear that Patrick. I guess Pepper was out on her own for some time and became a hunter before you rescued her. Is there a type of enclosed run you could keep her in?

Get some rest if you can now that your home. We got some rain, dry now. Take care Ruth and Mary too. Enjoy your Friday Eve. Voted

Patrick i'm sorry that happened  its probably as Gayle said i hope you can sort something out ,i hope your rested up by now .Hi Gayle very wet here today i'm glad you got some too  hi Ruth how are you? voted

I forgot to vote yesterday. I got so busy. Pepper is going to have to be kept penned up, no choice. I had to make the gate more secure because she's an escape artist. Newsletters, chores, etc,, just plum forgot

Cool photos :)

I hope everyone had a great Sat and has a pleasant Sunday, TY for the votes.

Patrick you sound so busy its no wonder you forgot ,your right to keep Pepper penned its the only way .hi Gayle and Ruth all enjoy sunday voted

Yep, good idea Patrick for Pepper, I had an Afghan Hound back in the day and had the same problem. Hope your drying out some Mary. Sun and clouds here today. Ruth how are you? All have a nice Sunday.  Voted

I wonder what's gotten into Pepper. Shocking to even think of it. Good idea to keep her penned up so the other feral cats/kittens can be safe, if she doesn't escape. Understandable about not being able to concentrate on everything else. Glad you got some rest.

Love the pics, girls. All for one and one for all. Blessed Sunday for everyone. Voted.

Well, we have 3 kittens in the house, hand feeding. They look about 2 1/2 weeks old. No sign of Marbles. The dead cat I found, was another one (Rocky), not Marbles. But Pepper may have gotten Marbles too. We are going to go ahead and keep the kittens and nurse them, so they will be domesticated, then try to find homes for them when they are old enough to place.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and hoping for a great Monday. TY for the votes.

It is great to bring the kittens in and feed them, not worry, and they can get homes later on. I hope Pepper didn't get Marbles. So sad she got Rocky. Robert is waiting for a call to set up an MRI appt. No rain or snow yet, but low to high 60s F. Hello Mandi and Mary. All have a wonderful day. Voted.

i hope Marbles is ok Patrick i'm sure the kittens will find great homes my sister got homes for feral kittens it worked out fine shes still trying to trap the mother to get her nuetered  

hi Gayle its dry today cold and bright Afgan hounds are so beautiful and graceful ,

Ruth keeping you and Robert in my prayers 

enjoy monday voted

I hope Robert gets that call and appt. Ruth. He has been through so much.

Still no sign of Marbles. The little kittens are eating well with my wife hand feeding them. They aren't quite getting the bottle yet, but nurse like crazy on a blank syringe.

It's foggy here, with rain coming later today. I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday, TY for the votes.

Oh, the button came back for a few hours yesterday, then disappeared again.. Weird

Glad your wife is doing the hand feeding for the little kitties. Oh, still no sign of Marbles. :(    Hope your rain doesn't come to hard and flood anything. We've just been getting light showers off and on.  I too, hope Robert gets his appt. Ruth. Hi Mary. All have a good Tuesday. Weather ?  Voted.

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