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Well, here's Buddy (we have had that name before, a black leopard). lol.. Just another mountain mix breed. Hard to gauge his size,, his back is not quite knee high to me.

very cute pic Gayle Patrick you will be changing your name to dog man  hi Ruth all enjoy tuesday voted

hes a handsome fella Patrick 

A dog named after a black leopard is very cool. He is a cutie patooty. Great idea to post photos of Buddy in nearby town. Hope his person or people see them to get him back. Meanwhile he is safe and fed from you. For sure don't want him getting in tiger food. Very nice to give him a chicken leg. Mary's right. We dub you dogman too.

Wonderful lioness and cub pic, Mandi. The font size is great. Glad you're being careful walking on the ice. It's icy early morning here, but by 10 a.m., dissipates. For right now at least. We use ice melt if too slippery on porch, and driveway to the car, especially getting safely in. Passenger side of car doesn't get sun as fast as driver side does, so ice stays there longer.

Love 2 cute wolf pups, Mary.

Sending everyone warm, cozy hugs from the chilly weather. Have a fabulous night. Voted.

Oh  what a cutie he is Patrick. Love the pix. Your not only the cat-man but also the dog-man LOL. Glad your careful with the ice too Ruth.  We actually are having a beautiful evening here tonight. Wind died down. Going to drop to 40 tonight. Now L.A. is on fire. Our Sonoma firefighters are on their way there. Actually one fire in hubby's area where he's from.

Love the pix Mary.

All enjoy a peaceful evening. 

I saw the news on the wildfire Gayle, hope it stays away from your area. Not sure what to do about the new guy. LOL at Dogman

Thinking and praying that fire doesn't come close to all of you, and to stay safe, Mandi. Hope they got it contained by now. Very scary. Just when you thought fires are done for the year. Praying for everyone in the fire area, and the firefighters.

Fireplace looks so cozy. Glad you had a beautiful evening, and not too much wind. It's been about 18 F when we wake up, 30-40 during day. Blue crispy sky, but really icy air. Brrrrrrrr.

You are officially Catman and Dogman, Patrick. It will probably take some time since you put up photos recently.

Hello Mary. Hope not too chilly today.

All have a wonderful day. Stay warm. Voted.

Yes, Patrick you are the official dog man now. Hopefully the rightful owners will reply. The fires are terrible down south and I too, feel so sorry for the losses and the firefighters. It's jumping all over the place. Brrrr, that's cold Ruth. We are at freezing here this morning, but will warm up to 60 with sunshine later. Mary, hope you are doing OK there.  All take care on this chilly Wednesday. Voted.This is Ruby these chilly days LOL

i heard about the fires on the news praying they are brought under control soon Gayle  wet and stormy here i was nearly blown off my feet earlier  Ruth thats really cold ,Hopefully this guys owners will show up Patrick  all wrap up well voted

Bundled up and cozy. Cute pic, Mandi.

I feel sorry for all of them too. Maybe there's a lot of wind making the fire jump everywhere. Prayers, firefighters can stop it soon.

It's called the "Santa Ana" winds down south. Ruth. They always have them but  much more windy this year. Here as well.

And Mary  you too. Mother Nature is Mad again. :-(   Prayers for all.. Stay warm.. cute pic Mary.

Watching coverage of the fire right now. The Santa Anna winds are whipping it up and causing spreading. So sad...
I think I like the nickname of Catman better than Dogman. lol

I did fix up the new guy with a dog house, water bowl and food bowl. I put it out back between the outside office building and the Tiger perimeter. I let him in the perimeter area to meet the tigers. He didn't seem to like them, but didn't try to chase them (like he did the ferals). He stood back and barked and skuffled his front paws.

Hope everyone is having a nice camel day,,, great photos! TY for the votes

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