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I bet you do Catman LOL.. Sounds as if  Buddy has a great new home for now.  Food, water, shelter, can't ask for better than that. He probably didn't know what those big kitties were :-)  Got to admit, he is cute.

Cute kitty pix Ruth. ~~

I remember the Santa Ana winds, Mandi. Forgot what time of year they were. Grew up with those warm winds in So Cal.

Beautiful white owls, Mary. Don't blow away. Literally, lift you off your feet. Try to stay warm from the wet and cold.

Glad you like your nicknames, Patrick. Really nice Buddy has a dog house, water and food. He is keeping his distance, but so excited at the same time from Obi and Gizmo. Wonder what they think of him. Roar, bark. Glad you like pic.

Prayers continue for the people, and firefighters in fire areas.

Glad you love cozy cats, Mandi. Hello cute Wednesday giraffe.

Coooold last night and today. Had to break ice in all of the animals' pans. It won't get above freezing today, tonight will get down to 17F. Buddy is still here, but I have no idea if he's using his dog house. I threw a chicken quarter into it today, he went in and back out like lightening (with the quarter, lol). I don't think he's ever had a doghouse before.

By Saturday, temps will be getting above freezing again. I hate winter, it's rough on the animals and rough on me. It seems colder in the winter than it use to be. Maybe it's just me, getting old. lol

TY for the votes, praying for those in the wildfires in Cali. Have a great Thursday!

hes really cute i bet hes happy to have food and shelter Patrick i hate the cold weather yoo ,Hows your weather Gayle praying for the fires to stop ,is it very cold for you Ruth ?all take care voted 

That is really cold, Patrick. A water bottle in my car had some ice in it from being there all night. Buddy seems to be happy there. He does like a dog house to eat his food in private. Did you get any calls from photos you put up in town?

It was icy this morning, then went up to 30s high, low tonight will be 20s. I don't mind cold weather, you can wear a coat, but when it's freezing definitely don't like.

Very wonderful mama and baby ellie photo, Mary. Be a great desktop.

Hello Mandi. Prayers for the firefighters and the ones in that area.

Everybody have a good night. Voted.

It's cold here, but nothing like you all are having. Down to the freezing though. Frost everywhere this morning.  The fires are spreading and and so close to the big freeways down south. Oh yes, Ruth, those Santa Ana winds. Buddy is being silly about his dog house Patrick, one day, he'll just stay in when he figures it out. At least he's eating well. :-)  Both you girls have darling ele pix, I love ele's.. All stay warm if you can. Lower temps this  year I heard. Voted

Hello Gayle Patrick Ruth it sound really cold and really dangerous where you are Gayle its cold here but nothing like yours Patrick and Ruth all stay safe voted

Good afternoon ladies.. Love the ele and baby monkey pics. Had to break ice and add hot water to all of the animals' pans this morning. It won't be as cold tonight, but still below freezing. Where's that global warming? (not here, lol)

Darned Buddy (the new dog's name) was over a mile down the road, when I was coming back from the little store, 2 1/2 miles away. I was so mad. If he's going to be a wanderer, I'll have to pen him up. At least Pepper stayed on the property. She's penned up because she's a danger to the outside feral kitties.

The little hand fed kittens are growing like weeds. Very spoiled. Need to start looking for homes for them. I'll only accept inside homes, because they will be too young to be outside and we have put too much into them. Hand fed babies turn out to be very good indoor pets. They aren't even weened and already using the litter box.
I hope everyone had an awesome Friday, TY for the votes

Well, darn Buddy, he needs a pen now. I agree, when you find homes for the little kittens for just inside, they are so  much safer and healthier too. My daughter proved that when she rescued 2 ferals and make them inside kits. Live long healthy lives. Brrr on the ice. Cold mornings here but warmed up this afternoon to 60 plus. Adorable baby monkey pic Mary, Ruth hope your doing well there. All stay safe and warm.. Voted.

really cute pic Gayle ,i was looking at the fire in cali it was so trgic about all the horses  thanks for the vid about the man saving the rabbit Patrick  you have your hands full with Buddy being a wandere ,i bet the kitties are super cute i hope you find great homes for them hi Ruth how are you voted

Love all of the awesome animal pics. Glad you like ellie taking a dirt shower. Oh yes kitteh on his head will keep dog warm. So funny.

Like Mandi's daughter giving ferals loving homes, you will find homes for those cute kitties. They are very blessed to have you and your wife feeding them, and giving them a home. They didn't take long to figure out litter box.

Very icy when you have to pour hot water in bowls to unfreeze them.

Now Buddy running off like that, is going to be in a pen like Pepper is.

It's icy this morning. Think that's the norm for now on. I am thankful no snow dump, like last winter, heavy snow early November. Fingers crossed.

I can't believe fires are still in LA area. The firefighters, I know, are doing their best. Really sad about the horses. Thinking about, and prayers for everyone there to be safe.

Glad you got a break yesterday afternoon with 60s, Mandi.

Going grocery shopping today, but going to wait till not too icy on roads. I miss Robert's Explorer, all wheel drive that got us through last year to early 2017. He sold it this year to someone that could put the money into it. My Honda Accord does drive good on ice if I drive slow and don't brake hard.

Hello Mary.

All of you have a warm as possible Saturday. Voted.

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