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LOL  Mary,, Now that Daisy is staying in the house, I find myself as the "doggy doorman". She's very good though, for a dog that always has lived outside. Not a single accident since she has moved inside (with no house training). She's a smart girl. She's over 15, blind, skin problems,, but still a big lovey dovey.

Once I knock out my service report, for my trip this week, I am done for the weekend (unless a customer calls with a question or problem, I'm 24/7, 365).
Hope everyone has a great Friday,, TY for the votes!

That's what Daisy looks like, except for being quite old, eyes have turned white (blind). She is still beautiful to me though

Glad you got home safe before roads turned to ice, Patrick. Smart decision to leave earlier. You are so prepared for the weekend, stocked up, and the animals' food.

Dog can't make up his mind, in or out, repeat. Good it's wet, but no ice there, Mary.

Hello Mandi. Hope you still have nice weather. I think it will be 40s to 50s here today. I'll take it.


What a relief to get home and stocked up as well Patrick. It's the weekend, maybe you can get a little rest in between chores. Glad you dono't have ice Mary, the wet is probably why you have such beautiful country sides. Love the pic Mary, that's Ruby LOL. Ruth how are you there?  We are dreary in the A.M. but supposed to get a little sun break through later. All have a great Friday. Voted

Good morning ladies. Frigid here today, 15 F. at 8 am. It won't get above freezing today. It will be Monday before it gets above freezing. Brrr...
I would like to play with those cheetah cubs :) They look like they are all laughing.

Newsletter day so I need to get at it. Have a nice Sat. and TY for those votes ^5

nice day here today after all the rain stay warm Patrick my dog Mak s eyes are gone whitey as well but she is still a beauty too at 14 hi Gayle get any sunshine? and Ruth   how are you voted

hi friends the grandkids just left i'm off for a walk hope the rain stops all enjoy sunday voted

Hi friends, nice you had the grands Mary hope your not walking in the rain. Took the dogs?Those are cute little monkeys. Ruth hope all is well. And Patrick not too cold I hope there. Dreary here but 50 degrees.

she's helping her dad with exercises  LOL.   Voted

Sorry, another sideways pic -Wish I could fix here. LOL

Those monkeys are adorable. They look like those critters in the movie, that aren't supposed to be fed after midnight. But when they are cute... lol. I can't think of the movie.

Ruby is awesome Gayle (fixed the pic)

How are you Mary?
Freezing today, and for a few more days. Getting down to 0 F, tomorrow night.
TY for the votes, I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday

Glad you and your grandkids had a great time, Mary. Hope it wasn't raining too much when you went for a walk. I wonder if those monkeys are siblings or best friends.

Ruby says to Daddy, "I shall be your exercise coach, woof woof." Cute pic of her, of course. Parrot hello to Buster. 50s is nice. Foggy this morning, and at dusk. We stayed in today. The cheetah cubs are so precious.

Really frigid there, Patrick. Monday will be good, being above freezing. Gremlins is the movie you are thinking of. Welcome for votes. Voted.

Sweet Dreams my friends.

Gremlins,, that's it. I think that's where Gizmo got his name. He was older and already named before he came here. Weather forecast changed, it won't get above freezing tomorrow (Monday), it will be Thursday before the temp slips above freezing. Maybe temps will get back to a normal Jan level after this frigid spell

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