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Great that your getting some rain Gayle hope it lasts after all the fires ,handy to be stocked up Patrick when its so cold hi Ruth how are you all stay warm and dry voted

The ocelot is so cute, Patrick. When I was little they were my favorite big cat. Some time ago, it became lions to this day. Yes, I'm ery happy I got the groceries, and don't have to worry about it till next month.

It's a great idea driving when fog dissipates. Glad you got all stocked up, ready for the snow, frigid temps, and ice on roads. Hunker down and stay warm inside. I hope and pray you get back after the roads get icy. Have a safe trip to and thro.

All of your pics are wonderful and cyoooot, girls.

It's 30-40s F here lately.

Glad you had rain there, Mandi. Hope you are feeling better, Mary.

Everyone have a great day. Voted.

Good morning ladies. I hope everyone is having a nice camel day. I just love eles. That jumping kitty defies gravity. lol. I worked in the plant last night, so I slept in. I'm going to go to bed early tonight and get out early in the morning. We have an ice storm moving in at home tomorrow, and I need to beat it to my place or I'll get stuck somewhere.
Have a great day and TY for the votes

Good idea to get rest tonight Patrick and try to beat that ice storm tomorrow. Be safe. Love the Ele pic Mary, so love them. Cute pic Ruth kitty jumping LOL. We had some nice rain here. . L.A. is suffering many losses due from the fires and now rain Very sad.

All have a great hump day. Voted

Gayle i hope your far from the mudslides i saw them on the news prayers for all its horrendous ,hi Patrick stay safe on your way home Hi Ruth love that kitty  voted

Yes, I am thanks Mary. Such a sad situation. They sure do need our prayers. Very cute picture. :-)   Hi Ruth !

Good you slept after working, Patrick. Thinking of you making it back safely in the morning before the ice storm hits at home.

Cyoooot snuggling cat and dog, Mary, Those ellies are playing in the wild, as they should be.

Love the Wednesday wolf, Mandi. Glad you got rain again. It's been really nice here, no snow. I think it was 60s yesterday. Maybe the same today.

Glad all of you like jumping high up cat. Mew mew

Many prayers for everyone in the areas of the mudslides. Fires are bad enough, but it's the aftermath of rain making the dirt into mud, and sliding down making it worse. In 1986, mud slid down on the PCH toward San Clemente totally covering a lot of the highway. That took a long time to clean up, so I found a back route to get there.

Thursday hugs all around. Voted.

Yes, Ruth PCH is closed in that area down south again, glad you were able to find back roads in the 1989 one. Such a terrible thing. Hope you got home before the ice storm Patrick. Safe driving. Mary how you doing?  Cute pic Ruth.. I think our weather is going to be like yours today.      All have a great Thursday.  Voted

hi Gayle Patrick Ruth hope you are all wam and dry and safe  voted

Those cats are very suspicious of Mr. racoon. Like the cats say, "He's wearing a mask." Dog is wishful thinking.  Very funny, girls. The kitty is waiting for weekend as we are.

Good you are getting weather like here, Mandi. It was a little windy this morning, but not this afternoon. Didn't need to wear a coat. I'm not surprised there are mudslides on PCH in that area still. It is terrible.

Warmer and dry here, Mary. Same for you?

Hope you are home safely, Patrick.

I’m back home now.  The wet roads are turning to ice. I played hooky from work last night, to leave early this morning and beat the snap freeze. Glad I did. Home and safe, and well stocked. I hit Walmart yesterday, while out of town, and stocked up, mostly animal food. I’m good on everything until Monday or Tuesday.
Exhausted though,,,

Cute raccoon :) Except for a few calls and emails in the morning, my weekend has officially started. LOL.
TY for the votes ^5

rnjoy the weekend Patrick glad your home safe hi Ruth its very wet here but no ice  i'm glad your getting a bit better weather ,hi Gayle how are you? voted

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