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we have snow here today  very cold  i must go shopping had lots of visitors  today, it was lovely  to have lots of company in the bad weather .hope you get a little rain soon Gayle love the ellies Cute kitties Ruth its great to be stocked up for a month ,hi Patrick stay warm  voted

Happy Sunday friends. Such a cute pic of the cuddling Kitties Ruth.. :-)  Glad your weather is holding and you got your groceries in as well. We are chilling down now. Very cold this morning, heater back to running again. Mary just saw your post wow snow, is that unusual ?  Love the snuggling doggies and  you  enjoyed all the company,  and Patrick, hope is well with you My daughter and I always talk about our PG&E bills that are very high here in the Silicon valley. Her kitchen is gas and mine electric which is higher :-(  Voted  all take care.

Awesome Sunday pics ladies. Sorry to hear about your bad weather Mary. We got no snow last night, but everything is covered in ice. It's very pretty, but miserable to be outside in it. I heat the animals food up a bit, so they can have warm food in their tummies. I have some huge boneless, skinless turkey breasts to feed the tigers. I gave them extra big portions for the bitter cold temps tonight. They love them! I have a couple more cases, wish I had grabbed more when I was up in Missouri last week.

I hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday,, TYSM for the votes

Hi Gayle the trouble with snow and ice here is there is so much water on the ground from all the rain it   makes for very slippery footpaths i'm really scared of that ,don't care how wet i get i can change coats but i dread ice  yep Patrick its miserable ,hi Ruth  hows your weather?voted

Good afternoon ladies. Typical Monday, buried in job/work. Getting invoices in, getting PO's etc. Home this week, hitting the road next week.

It's supposed to get above freezing today, so maybe some of the ice will melt. I know what you mean Mary, slipping on ice can be a disaster. Cool porpoises BTW

TY for the votes,, have a great Monday!

Patrick, your job/work sounds exactly like mine was when I was self employed ! You take good care of the animals tummies. :-)  Mary I agree, slipping on ice is a hazard. Be careful ! Love the dolphins !!!  Ruth, how's the weather? Windy like mine? Been terrible here and colder. All have a great Monday. Voted.

better day here today met my son and his girlfriend and their dog ,i brought the hounds and my Dad met us too with his dog it was very doggy lol ,Still windy Gayle?Patrick it looks like you have a lot on your hands ,i only work partime   your have 2 jobs 

hi Ruth how are you ?voted

Good morning ladies... Our feral cats are pretty tough on tortoises they find. LOL Toothy/claw hugs :)

It's supposed to get up to 40F today. What a nice break. It's a muddy mess everywhere, hope it dries up (but looks like rain)

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday. TYSM foir the votes!

I can't believe time slipped past me again.

Pics are great, as usual. Cute puppies, beautiful dolphins jumping in all of the blue, and cuddling is universal, Mary. The cat is turtles pillow. Glad you had company, and saw your son, his girlfriend and dog. Stay warm inside. It is scary when there is ice on the ground. Be safe if you do walk outside.

Yep, really great to get grocery shopping done, Mandi. Snow leopard cub is so precious. Monday is being mean, always coming back, and too quickly.

You are so awesome making sure the animals have warm food, Patrick. They are very happy about that. It's cold here too, but not as much as your place.

All have a good day. Always welcome for votes. Voted.

                                     HAPPY VALENTINES MY W1 FRIENDS

hi Ruth what a cute pic  Gayle did you get any rain?hi Patrick saw your valentine on facebook very sweet  all have a great valentines day voted 

Patrick, loved your JibJab to Karen. Your so clever :-) Cute pic Ruth. Stay warm.  Hope your all having a great V-Day. Mary your pic is perfect :-) Glad you had a family get together. Did sound like a dog day afternoon :-) Nice. 

Mary, we did not get any rain.:-(  Very cold mornings and sun in and out of the gloom. Voted

Thanks ladies, I had to join ($18) to make that silly vid, but it was fun. I messed it up on the first couple tries,, LOL. I have it for a year now, and see other cool stuff I can do.

Wed was overcast all day, but it got to almost 60F. That was nice. I added a cat door to my office door, so the cats can come and go as they please. They are scared of it LOL. Hopefully, they will figure it out. I get tired of letting them in, then out, then in...

Great V-Day pics. I hope everyone had a nice one. Also, have a great Thurs., TY for the votes

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