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gloomy old day here too very cloudy   its mothers day in ireland so i took flowers to my mothers grave  . hope your weather turned better Gayle  blue skies sound good Ruth  love the pics guitar cat and hammock cat ,hope your car is fixed  for your trip Patrick enjoy sunday all voted

Happy Mother's Day to you Mary, and to visit your Mother's grave with flowers:-) To bad about the gloom and cold love the cuddly kitties.  Our weather did turn to blue sky like you as well Ruth, cute swinging kitty. It is supposed to reach 72 degrees here today? LOL. Hope all is well Patrick.  Happy and Blessed Sunday. Voted.

The pics are so cute.. That guitar playing kitty has good taste, playing a Gibson Les Paul. LOL

I didn't realize today was Mother's Day there Mary. I still miss my mother too, every day.

I'm up early this morning, 6 am, getting ready to take my car to town and see if they can make it right. Replacing wheel bearings is a big job, so I will be there most of the day. $400+ .. I still have the AC to replace, maybe April. That will be $800-900. Hopefully, it will be good for awhile. Repairs have become so expensive, but not as expensive as a new car. Mine is paid off, so I I'm going to just keep it maintained. A new GMC Terrain, with all the options (like mine) is now almost $30K.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and TY for the votes!

Happy Mother's Day, Mary. So nice to visit your mother's grave with flowers. She is in your heart always. Mother's Day in states is May 13. Very sweet kitties. They look so comfy together. Nice weather wishes for you, family, and the dogs.

Puppy is cuteness overload. Love the blue eyes, oh and moving picture:) Awesome you are getting blue sky too. Enjoy your 72 weather.

That is a Gibson Les Paul. Cool rockin kitty=^..^= Thinking about you waiting to get car fixed. It's crazy how much new vehicles are. My Honda accord is so worth fixing. Our son, Eric, replaced the ignition switch, which I think it was the original that went kaput, new radiator hose, and other things, but all in all car runs great.

Changed clocks. Gained an hour.

Everybody have a wonderful Monday. Voted.

Good luck on the car repairs Patrick,  hate waiting around but it is worth the expense as you said. Got all the clocks set (I think) lol, we lost an hour Ruth. But nice to have the daylight in the evenings now. As hubby is still working on my car, replacing things he runs into. So down one car. Big job! He is hurting all over, crawling under isn't easy as we get old.  Love the pic Ruth. Glad Eric has your car running, nice. We are didn't get rain and still warm today. Voted Happy Monday

Ahh, precious sleeping baby otter. Mama's so comfy, Mandi. Mesmerized.... I said the opposite before. We lose an hour, not gain. My bad. It's gonna be nice staying lighter longer in evening. Hope your hubby is taking breaks in-between working on car. It is great to have another car during those times. Eric fixes the Honda, because of Robert's bad back, no crawling under for him. He is supervisor. he he. Good you have warm day again. Monday lion's got it right. Roar.

                                                               Good night all

what a cute kittle otter and kittie   all of you are getting cars fixed good luck hope yours is ready for tuesday Patrick  , Ruth gained an hour Gayle lost an hour  how about you Patrick? all ejoy monday voted

LOL Ruth, I knew what you meant. Such cute picture of kittie.. Mary, I love the baby dobermans of course. That put a smile on my face. :-) Hubby has a bad back Ruth, and this car repair is taking a toll on him, he also burned the top of his hand. Oh dear.

Enjoy your evenings. 

Very funny, Mandi. So both of our husbands have bad backs. Hope your man's hand heals soon.

We got a call for Robert's cat scan/isitope. It will show what the shunt is doing or not doing. Thing is, it's not till next Thursday. He's holding on though. AWOOOO to the evening wolf.

Awwww, the doberman puppies are so cute, Mary.

Is your car fixed, Patrick? Hope it is for your trip tomorrow.

Good night, everybody.

Good morning ladies. Such cute pics! The otters are so precious. Love is life and life is beautiful. The car repair went well and was only $330, so better than than they estimated. Everything is working now except the AC (April or May will be fine for that one). I can sympathize with back pain.

Getting ready to hit the road, nice to know the repairs are completed. I sure hope everything comes out okay for Robert, Ruth.

Have a great Tuesday ladies, and TY for the daily votes!

great to get it fixed with no surprises Patrick  ,Gayle hope hubbys hand isnt very sore burns are so painful  Ruth delighted Robert got his appointment  keeping him in my prayers love the wolf  pics  enjoy wednesday all voted

Wolf love. That's a very cyoooot furry little one above, Mary.

So great your car is fixed, costs less, and in time, Patrick. Have a safe trip. You can relate, as Mandi's hubby does, with back pain. When really bad, it stops you from doing the things you want or need to do, as you know. It's a real bummer to grow old.

Hello Mandi. Hope you had a wonderful and nice day.

Thanks for all thinking about, and prayers for Robert.

Good night hugs. Voted.

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