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hi Gayle our heatwave is over for now i hope it cools a bit for you  beautiful tiger gorgeous lions beautiful ellies very hot for you too Patrick glad your getting a breeze Ruth happy weekend all voted

We got some nice cool weather yesterday and today Mary, glad for you as well, cute pic. Our heat wave is going to start tomorrow all next week :-(   Glad your getting a breeze Patrick and get some rest, you've been working hard. Hi Ruth. Hope weather is OK there.  Voted

Wow, a winter version of Dog who wears Cat Hat. lol Cute little ele Gayle.

Luna got up and was doing some walking yesterday, but now down on her hip again :(

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday. Don't forget to call Dad today, if he's still with you (mine passed away quite some time ago)

TY for the votes!

A pair of lion brothers--

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's. Mine is gone as well Patrick, love the brothers pic.We are in a pickle here, hit and run up on our lawn and wiped out 2 of our cars. We are on a corner. Police took report. Big mess. Ruth and Mary hope all is well on your fronts. Weather not bad here so far this morning.  Voted.

i visited my dad today hes loving the world cup  ,Gayle what  horrible experience for ye  it will be so hard without your car ye must have got an awful fright ,i hope Luna has a better day tomorrow Patrick Happy fathers day  love the lion brothers and the cute dog and boy ,hi Ruth how are you voted

Love the ellies, Patrick. The lion brothers are so majestic walking alongside each other. More breeze would be nice there. Glad Luna walked around at least for a while. Hope you are having a wonderful Father's Day. I talked with my Dad on phone last night.

So terrible what happened, Mandi. Do any of the cars still work? We're in the same boat with weather here, still cooler, but heat wave peeking around the corner like you, probably. Precious ellie baby, and the dog/boy sleeping together peacefully. 

Very cute dog with a cat hat, and gorgeous white wolf laying on rock, Mary. Glad it's still cool there.


                         HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL OF THE DADS. ROARS!

Loving all the pix here. I too, wish we had a like button Patrick LOL. But we'd like all of them anyway. TY Ruth, one car works the other no. Started the claim processing this morning, not going to be cheap apparently. Oh dear, we have started our heat wave. Hope it is cooler for you and Mary and Patrick. Voted

Good afternoon ladies. That white wolf looks like Daisy, Mary. Except Daisy is blind (her eyes turned milky white). Luna has taken a turn for the worse, not getting up and walking. I'll keep trying though. It was amazing that she got up and walked around Sat. So, I'm not giving up yet.

Nice pics ladies. I hope everyone is having a nice Monday. TY for the votes

i get days like that with Mac Patrick some days shes great some days shes  not up to much ,Hi Gayle glad at least you have 1 car i hope this gets sorted fast for you ,and without too much expense hi Ruth hope it cols for you and Gayle too voted

Luna passed on today, on her own. I came in from feeding tigers, got a jug of water, a brush and a clean blanket,, to clean and brush her and give fresh bedding,, and she had died.
I’m very sad, but wasn’t looking forward to putting her down. My back is killing me from digging a grave in this hard rocky soil. She was very old (at least 17), I'll miss her. She was beautiful, and never any trouble

I'm so very sorry about Luna Patrick, glad she was there and gone in her sleep though. Better than you putting her down.  Take care of that back now. soooo sad :-(    It's getting hot here Mary, I love the horse and baby, looks exactly like my niece's in Utah when had her foal. Same color. Ruth hope your weather isn't going hot like here.  All take care happy Tuesday=Voted.

i am so sorry Patrick its nice that she just slipped away but sad for you ,i hope have plenty of shade ,hows your weather Ruth voted

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