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Greetings lady friends. Great pics. LOL,,, chicken pox. The white wolf looks like my Daisy.

Heading home in early AM tomorrow. Just got in from having dinner with a couple guys who are customers. It went well... That plant has been my customer since 1992. It's like family.

I hope everyone is having a great camel day. TY for the votes!

I apologize for not being here.

For 3 weeks the Care2 group pages were blank, so I couldn't go to my C2 group page for almost a month. A lot of catching up with petitions there. Finally have some leeway now.

Wildlife1 is my home. I think about all of you, even if I'm not here.

Wolf by water looks really cooling, Mandi. Cute Tuesday puppy. FB is a good way to see if I'm around. Fire season has started. There was a fire close to where Genevieve and family live. The wind changed direction, so they're alright. Our grand girl, Lora, cried, thinking their house was going to burn down, and wanted to find the cats and dog. It's so scary. Hope watched it from there with curiosity. Maybe because she's older.

Sounds like your dogs made up their minds, Mary. Maybe splashing water on them from water bath will make it more enticing. That's my suggestion, hoping it works. Hope it rains there soon. Those little chipmunks look so peaceful sleeping together. Cat better get checked out for chickenpox lol.

It's so hard when a pet passes on. My heart aches for your loss, Patrick. Hello Hump Day camel. It was a good day for us. Robert, Eric, and I went out to Applebees for my birthday rain check. Really nice time together. That's a long-time client. Glad you went out to dinner with them. You might be home by now. If not, safe trip.

We're in the heat here also. Yuk. Fall hurry up!

Happy Thursday to all. Voted.

Hi Ruth, yep, I always know where to find you LOL. Glad the kids weren't in the path of the fires, such a cute pic says volumes. They are so bad out here as well. We are safe so far too. Patrick, hope your on the way home, glad you have clients that are like family, good life.. Mary hope your not still roasting there with the heat. We are on the way to a very hot weekend. All take care. Voted

Pic says it all about us. Thanks for your concern for the kids. Those fires can creep up so fast, especially with a lot of wind. Awwww. Precious Thursday kitty and chickies. On our way to a hotter weekend too. Ugghhhh!

XOXO back to ya' Ruth.

Ruth McD said:

Pic says it all about us. Thanks for your concern for the kids. Those fires can creep up so fast, especially with a lot of wind. Awwww. Precious Thursday kitty and chickies. On our way to a hotter weekend too. Ugghhhh!

Good afternoon ladies. Welcome back Ruth. Missed ya.. Those fires sound really scary. I just came in off the road, so taking a short break from chores. My wife saw a couple raccoons eating the feral cats' food. I suspected they were being robbed. I'll have to figure out a way to enclose the food, so the cats can get it, but not the coons.

Here's a little otter wishing everyone a Good Day ;) lol...

TY for the votes

Hi Ruth i'm so glad Genevieves house was ok it must have been so scarey for them ,we are still havung our heatwave here it was 32  today thats very hot for us the tar is melting on roads and we have had a few fires ,hi Gayle  it sounds like your  having the same weather its so tiring i never realised that ,Patrick those theiving racoons  i'm sure you'l think of something to protect the kitties food happy thursday all voted


Wow,, rough week this week. So happy to be home on a Friday. That's a cool photo Mary, true BFF's.

Heading to town for supplies. It's supposed to get to 100 F. today. I'll hose the tigers down this afternoon, to cool them off (they love that).

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and TY for the votes.. also, never swear in front of Mom.. lol

Loving all the pix, very cute !! Mary and Patrick and us here in a terrible heatwave. Hope your weather is cooler Ruth. These fires are awful, I feel terrible for the misplaced families. Those rascal coons will keep you busy working on a systems to keep them away from the cat food Patrick. The tigers surly will love that hose down. I would ;-)  We could all use this LOL   Voted   

we had 90 today Patrick i cant believe it where is our rain gone lol  love the pretty owls hi Gayle i hope its a bit cooler for you how are you Ruth happy friday all  voted

Thanks for the love, Mandi. Praying for everybody near fires. We usually get some, but not too close to our place. The owls have it right. Definitely could use tons of chocolate and 6 million buckaroos. It's hot here today, and only did a little of yard saling with Eric, our son, but was happy to get home, and cut up watermelon, and cantaloupe, and let the AC cool us down. Oh, and give Rohke some attention. He has a certain look when I'm going to leave.

Hope your heatwave doesn't last too much longer, Mary. The fire near their house was scary. We all are so relieved, and blessed it didn't get worse. So precious how close the dogs are, one laying on him is bigger now, Security and happiness. Woof woof.  There he is, majestic lion, roars.

I know the tigers felt better, and cooler after you sprayed them, Patrick. Did you get cooled off in the process too? The little owl knows he's in trouble. Oopsy, Mama. The otter is very touchy about his stuffed toy.


Great pictures ladies... Yes Ruth, when they shake while getting hosed, it drenches me,, lol

Finished the newsletter, a pretty good one this week. Another hot day, but better than an ice storm. lol

I have 2 box fans going in my office,, one pointing at me and one on Daisy.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday, TY for the votes.

Here's a baby Alpaca and her friend the cat

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