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still very hot here Patrick thats a great idea spray the tigers  i bet they loved it i'd say my dogs would too Rosie is a bit sick i hope she just ate something  if shes not o k tomorrow i'l take her to the vet ,hi Ruth watermelon sounds just the job for cooling down  Rohke knows when momma is off without her Gayle i'm with you i'd love to stand under a hose right now lol ,voted

Good afternoon ladies. Cute dog Mary :)
irst day of a new month, so scores are all reset. It won't let me vote for another 4 hours though.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday, we are getting a light shower atm, feels great. TY for the votes.

Here's something you don't see every day, an ele carrying momma lion's cub in it's trunk LOL

Cute pix Ruth and Patrick. Glad your cooling a little, but Mary your still hot. I do hope Rosie is going to be oK , keep us updated. I saw that pic of the ele and the lion Patrick, so darn cute ! Hot as heck here yesterday, today dropping to 88 degrees. Fans going in  my office here too Patrick :-)  All enjoy Sunday, its a day of rest ya' know :-)  Voted

never thought i'd say this but we could use a shower here the water pressure is way down and all the grass is yellow ,i shouldent complain it will be back to rain soon enough i.m sure ,Rosie is a bit better i took the dogs to a nearby field maybe they ate something someone left behind from a picnic ,its too hot to walk them to their usual woods  i hope the fans are cooling you Gayle and Patrick and Ruth happy sunday all voted

hi Gayle Patrick Ruth very hot here  still hope we all get cooler soon Rosie is much better voted

LOL Mary, corn's a poppin' .. Long day today, drove up to Springfield Missouri for a couple weeks of meat for the kids. Long day tomorrow as well. TY so much for the daily votes ladies, much appreciated. Have a great Monday evening!
Here's a Jag, taking it easy and  being a cool cat

Mary, I'm so glad to hear Rosie is better, such a worry when our babies aren't feeling well and we don't understand dog talk.  Love your pix, yes the heat ugh! Humid here today. And smokey skies from the fires. Patrick, Ruth, hope your all OK.. Voted  Love that Jag Patrick  beautiful animal , glad your home with big kitty food.

When the tigers shake water off you get a good spraying. Happy Patrick and tigers. Momma's getting a little break with ellie's help. Jaguar is going on my desktop big cats slideshow.

Hope you get rain soon, Mary. Cute puppy with flower. The pups in bed are ready for some zzzzs. Corn is a poppin. Spraying hose water upward, and letting water fall on you, is like instant rain. I'm so glad Rosie is getting better. Cantaloupe today.

Nice of Snoopy spraying Charlie Brown, Mandi. If Mr. Sun is cooling off with fan, then it's really hot. There was some smoke in the air yesterday here. More to come, unfortunately. Hope it's not humid there today.


Good afternoon ladies. Looks like a patriotic dog Ruth. Good to hear Rosie is doing much better Mary. I  have a fan blowing on me now Gayle, no AC in the office. I was up super early, I may lay down in front of the fan and take a little nap. :)

Have a great Tuesday and TY for the votes.

Momma lion says "don't disturb my nap"! lol

LOL Patrick, love the pic. I too, have a fan in my office, take that nap, it's good for you. :-)  Ruth, very cute patriotic pup. Your getting smoke there as well. Today here not so bad yet, strong wind out there.Hope we all won't be humid. Mary hello.  Voted Happy Tuesday.

Very patriotic dog.

Napping in front of fan sounds good and cool, Patrick. Shhhh, Momma's trying to get her beauty rest.

Awwww, cyoooot Tuesday kitty, Mandi. No smell of smoke this morning. Hope no fires there today.

                                           I AM TIGER, HEAR ME ROAR!

happy 4th of july to all of you i hope it cools  down still very hot here voted

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