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Sorry voted

hi guys Rosie is doing a little better calling to see how she is tomorrow fingers crossed happy weekend all voted

Good afternoon ladies. So glad to hear Rosie is doing better Mary <3 ... Is that your horse?

I hope everyone is having an awesome Sat. It's been another hot one here today. Typical July in Arkansas, but a light mountain breeze helps. TY for the votes..

Try to stay cool, like this guy

Oh Mary, glad to hear about Rosie, prayers your way for sure. I am behind . It's late Saturday eve here. Not too hot temp wise, but humidity is not good. So feels like 90, breeze is coming up now. Take care Patrick love the tiger cooling off and your horse Mary. Ruth all OK?  Voted

Good morning ladies.. Any more news on Rosie, Mary?

Overcast here, so a little cooler. Off to do some chores. Have a pleasant Sunday Mary, Gayle, Ruth...

TY for the votes.

Here's a baby ele for cuteness :)

Enjoying all of your pics.

I am so glad Rosie is alright now, Mary. That's so scary when they get sick. She's still young and has a lot of years ahead of her. Very cute pony.

Glad you saw fireworks, and the animals didn't get stirred up from them, Patrick. The tiger knows how to stay cool. Makes me want to get in the water with him.

It gets humid here sometimes, Mandi. It's been in the high 90s. The other day, low hundreds. Calgon take me away from this heatwave. Hello precious lion cubs.

The girls have been here since Wednesday, so not on net much since then. We watched fireworks from our front yard, but it was hard to know when and where they went off. It was fun hanging out together being cooler at 10 p.m on. Went yard sale' hopping Friday and Saturday. The girls found some neat things, library, arts and crafts.... Taking them home today. After a while they do miss their Mom.

All have a wonderful Sunday. Voted.

Hope this isn't in "bad taste" (groan,,, lol)

I love it Patrick!!!

 Voted   I will be back a little later :-)

love it Patrick ! Rosie is home shes tired but much better i'm so relieved thanks for all your prayers Gayle Patrick Ruth ,it sounds like you had a lovely week Ruth happy sunday all voted

Mary, I'm so happy to hear Rosie is home with you . Prayers continue for you both. Love the fox pic.  Ruth what a wonderful time you've had with the girls. Also love the ell's. All have a great Sunday.

It's so wonderful when we are with the girls here. Maybe hanging out with Genevieve and them this week some time at there place. Their dog Daisy is so hyper, and jumps on you. She is cute though.

A lot of ellie cuteness, Patrick. It's so nice when cooler, especially when doing chores. The lion eating poachers is appropriate. They are getting their revenge. Great pic.

Can never get enough of the ellies. Mama giraffe kissing baby's head is so precious. My grand daughter, Hope, will love this pic. She's loved giraffes since she was a year old, and still does. Dedicated giraffe lover.

I'm so glad Rosie is getting better, Mary. My grand daughter, Lora, will love the fox photo. That's her favorite wild animal.

Stay cool as possible, and have great Monday. Voted.

Ruth, so happy to hear all your good news. And about the girls favorite animals. So enjoy all the time you get with them and Genevieve too this week. Love the pic too Ruth :-) Devastating fires all  over  here in Calif. We are starting a very hot and humid week. Hope all is OK with the weather Mary and Patrick. Voted. Happy Monday.

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