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Have a fun and safe vaca with the dogs, Mary. Great to get away. I'm so glad Rosie is getting better. You had showers, not down pour. So weird for Ireland, huh? I think when ellies wrap their trunks together, it's like us holding hands, awwww.

Very handsome lion, Patrick. Thanks for info. I knew they have round pupils, but didn't know it's to let more light in. They mostly hunt at night so I can see they do. The cheetah mama and babies look so comfy sun bathing together. Too hot here to sunbathe also. All I want to do is stay cool inside with the AC. We are getting high 90s. Give love to all of the animals there from me.

The fires seem to keep the humidity in. Hope they are contained soon, Mandi. Love the evening swan, and Thursday lions.

All have a good night. Voted.

Pretty black kitten Ruth. Shelters sometimes have a hard time placing black cats, which is crazy. I think they are beautiful.

I hope everyone is having a great Sat. Hot here, but that's okay. The giant raccoon returned to eat the outside feral cats' food last night. The cats were laying around the driveway, watching him, quite nonchalantly. Guess they were full already (and didn't want to tangle with a 35lb coon). LOL

I chased him off, all the back into the woods. Pepper was barking like crazy, in the middle of the night, so I guess he came back.

Here's a baby ele who appears to be excited that it's Saturday... lol

Love that baby ele pic Patrick, hope the racoons stays away for awhile and stop eating all the kitties food.   Mary hope your having a great vaca. I agree with Patrick on the black cats Ruth. People just don't want to adopt them. Black dogs are the last to be adopted as well. :-(  All enjoy your Saturday.. Voted

Late getting here,, power outage. I hope everyone has had a pleasant Sunday. Raccoon came back last night, so I had to chase him off. He doesn't run, more like waddles. LOL

Cool pic Gayle. This is a tough guy lion with a mohawk, lol. Punk rocker.

Have a great evening and TY for the votes

The black cat is beautiful, and all of them deserve a loving home. I didn't know black dogs are the last to be adopted too, Mandi. Some people are so idiotic, and are taking these dogs, and cats' chance away for protection, and love they deserve. Makes me so angry. GRRRR!

The kitties are saying, "Not messing with that big raccoon." or they were full. So funny how he waddles into the woods when you chase him. Pepper is the coon alarm. Hope your power came back on. Baby ellie looks very excited Saturday finally here. We know that feeling. Hey Mr. Punk Rocker Lion. Love your mohawk. ROAR!

The wolves are very happy relaxing together. Are the fires there being contained? 98 F. for today's forecast. Panting already, whew.

Hope you, and dogs are having a wonderful vaca, Mary. Thinking about you.

Everybody stay cool as much as you can. Voted.

Love the punk rocker Patrick LOL. Hope your power returns soon. How weird, my neighbor just texted me to say he and 112 other "lucky" ones are without power until 5 PM today due to "maintenance."  Hope they dont come over my way . That is hot Ruth, it is hot here as well. Love your pic. All enjoy your Monday. Voted. Hi Mary, :-)

Good evening ladies. Great pics! Power was back up by 8 PM, while it was still light out. The generator does a good job.

I just checked into the motel,, long drive through terrible storms. Rained so hard at times, I had to drive 30 mph.

Have a great Monday evening and TY for the votes

Good afternoon ladies. Still on the road, heading home early AM tomorrow, with a stop to pick up meat for the kids. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. TY for those votes.

Here's an awesome bird. An African Crowned Crane

Be careful Patrick driving, sounded rough with that weather. That is an awesome crane for sure. The kids will be happy to see you tomorrow with meat :-) Hope it's not bad weather there at home.  We are having another heat wave with humidity and of course fires everywhere.  Just got done doing some grocery shopping. Hi Ruth and Mary. Voted. Here is another awesome bird. LOL.. My pal .  Happy Tuesday !

Hi guys popping in to say hi it’s been raining here heatwave is over it’s a bit cooler now , your weather sounds a bit oppressive Gayle and those fires are scarey Patrick I hope your safe home now hi Ruth how are you voted

Good afternoon ladies. Just got in off the road, unloaded meat and chores still left to do, so I am being brief. I'm exhausted... lol

TY for the votes and have a great camel day!

Glad to hear from  you Mary..Nice it's a bit cooler for you. Patrick, glad your home and I'm sure you are exhausted. Take it easy when  you can. Ruth hi, hope all is well there.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Voted.

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