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hi guys i'm in more heartbreak my old girl Mak  passed away yesterday i'm shattered 

Mary, my heart breaks for you. Such a bad time all around. Know you can vent here anytime. We love you and my prayers and thoughts go out to you dear friend. RIP dear Mak..  Join my girls at the bridge with welcome paws.  

Hello Monday friends. Talk about short term memory Ruth, I think I missed yesterday LOL. Love all the pix.. The mama bird feeding baby Patrick. G-son got home from boating and they did have smoke at the lake from the fires., but still enjoyed. Patrick hope the water situation is going well?  Ruth, warmer there today? Hot here. My heart is going out to Mary, as you probably know by now, she lost Mak yesterday.. :-(   Voted

Oh my gosh Mary. So much sadness. :(

Like Gayle said, come here and vent all you want. My heart goes out to you...

thanks Gayle and Ruth for your kindness ,the house is so quiet without her ,i have taken my dads dog Scamp shes getting on well with my dogs they are all pals . Mak was about 16 she was the sweetest bravest girl   Charlie used to sleep near her ,hes really missing her 

It's good Scamp is getting along. Although another pet can't replace one that was lost, they can help fill the hole in our heart. We had Luna for 17 years or so. Her enclosure, out front from the front door, stands empty. I continue to look when I go out the door, expecting to see her. However, Pepper and Buddy, in an adjacent enclosure, directly to the front door, greet me and help fill the empty space from the missing Luna.

I'm heading out on the road today, on a rather long work trip. I'll check in tomorrow from my crappy lappy. I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday. I appreciate the votes.

Let a smile show when feeling down, it helps

Mary, so glad you have scamp and all getting along. Charlie would miss Mak, I hope he's eating. When we lost our last girl (Cassie) and being the only other pet, Buster my parrot boy, (who is on his 4th dobe)  stopped eating, had to call the vet. He was grieving. As soon as Ruby came home, eating and talking again.. I understand how you feel too  Patrick. Do love the  pic :-)  They all give us so much love and joy and then that hole in our heart.

Ruth hope your doing OK there. Smokey here now from the fires. :-(   Voted  Hope all have a good Tuesday--Drive safely Patrick.

Good afternoon ladies. I have no photo to post, I'm in the motel on my crappylappy. :)

I hope everyone is having a great camel day. I will be home tomorrow and have a couple at-home weeks ahead. I'll catch up on a ton of paperwork and sanctuary chores. We have had a ton of T-storms here and at home. Hopefully I will not see much of that on my drive home.

TY for the votes!

i hope you get home without meeting the storms Patrick ,thanks for your encouraging words ,Scamp is an older dog so its nice that she feels secure here my Dad would be glad shes settling in , it must be awful with all the smoke Gayle its a very strange environment we live in isnt it? the weather has become so severe .Hi Ruth how are you? happy wednesday all voted

Love the pic Mary, yes the weather is taken a turn everywhere it seems. We are in such a terrible fire season. One arrested for starting one of the big ones. So happy Scamp is doing well. He has a good home with you, your Dad would be happy. Patrick I hope you miss the storms on the way home. Drive safe. Ruth all OK there?   Voted

Good afternoon ladies. Just got home and getting the car unloaded. Then heading out to do chores. I managed to miss the storms both directions. Great pics ladies..

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday, TY for the votes

glad you escaped the storms Patrick  ,hope your finised the chores and taking a break by now ,Gayle i saw this pic taken above the clouds in california it looks like a volcano you can see the smoke ,its good they arrested someone if they caused this , hi Ruth how are you happy thursday all voted

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