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I'm afraid to look when my grandson set this computer up. I just know it was a small fortune. ;-) Love the little bear Mary. Ruth, you do great pix, we used to have  photo shop. Rohke is a model. Pretty lions. Patrick I do hope all will be OK with Obi after you give the meds. Ostrices's are sooo big.  Warm and windy here. All enjoy your Sunday. Voted


Great Sunday pics ladies. The lions drinking at night is awesome Ruth. Obi is on day 2 of antibiotics, some high octane big animal meds. Also giving her probiotics to counter the gut flora that the meds kill off. Sometimes they just go "off feed", but I'm taking no chances.

\uap>I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday. We have had a few light drizzles in between sunny spots. Temps are in the 70's F. TY for the votes

\uap>Here's a young muddy lion playing peek-a-boo


Oh yeah, Rohke knows he is a star. Thanks for comments on lions drinking at water hole, everybody.

\uap>The bear sitting on rock is meditating, Mary. Same here being cold. Wearing long sleeves, jeans, and tennis shoes.

\uap>Hope there isn't to much wind there, Mandi. It was warmer today from the last few cold days. Sunday is relaxing day. I use to have photo shop, but later they made you buy it. Gimp is similar, free, and easy to use for editing photos. Rohke is very photogenic, and he knows it, lol.

\uap>There is a video of the lions drinking from the water hole, on the same site page, Patrick. You can hear the clicking of a camera, and whispering of the photographer. The lions noticed, but went about their business. Nice weather after the rain. 70s is perfect. Peek-a-boo, I see you, Mr. muddy lion, roars.

\uap>Good night all. Welcome for the votes. Voted.

\uap style="text-align: center;">ENJOY THE REDWOODS


i.m thinking of replacing some parts but i don,t know maybe i'l talk to someone about it ,Rohke is a star for sure Ruth ,Hows Obi Patrick of course Ruby and Buster are stars too Gayle happy monday all voted

I injected Obi with some strong antibiotic today. She ate some boneless chicken, getting ready to go back out and check on her and see how much she ate after I came back up to the house. Hopefully, she ate it all, or most. TY for the concern.

\uap>Great photos ladies. I would love to visit the Redwoods. Have a great Monday and TY for the votes!

\uap>This photo has made the rounds, but I still love it


Late getting here.. Huge busy day. Obi seems better, eating better

\uap>Have a great Tues. evening.

\uap>I think this bird is gorgeous


Love the squirrels , lion, hummer bird? and of course the beautiful redwoods,  all the pix are super neat. I'm so happy to hear Obi is feeling better Patrick and eating. Whew. Ruth and Mary hope your weather isn't too bad. We are still windy and somewhat humid. Been watching the horrible Florida hurricane news. :-(   All have a great hump day.. XO    Voted

Related image

very windy here tonight  we have a big storm coming i was looking at florida on the news Gayleit looks horrendous  ,i thought i posted last night must have got lost somewhere i really need a new computer ,So glad Obi is eating Patricklove the hummingbird and the tiger  how are you Ruth ?stay safe all voted

Yep,, a hummer. Obi looks even better today. I am ending the anti-biotics tomorrow. The shot of Baytril 100 turned her around. I will watch close, to make sure there's no relapse. Cute tiger and roo, with tongues out.

\uap>I am praying for those in FL and others in the path of Micheal. It's throwing off tornadoes in Georgia.

\uap>Have a nice camel day and TY for the votes.

\uap>Here's a cute little hyena pup


great news about Obi Patrick ,praying for all in the path of the hurricane very stormy here today  hi Gayle and Ruth stay safe all voted

Ahh, precious and cyoooot baby hyena, Patrick. Great news about Obi doing better after the Baytril 100 shot, and eating good. I hope Obi is out the woods now for sure. When I lived in California, we use to go to the redwoods that are so majestic, old, and tall. Great experience as a young girl then. I always love seeing a lion photo, even if seen before. I saved your muddy lion photo for desktop. The hummer has very beautiful colorful feathers. Super fast flyers. Whoosh.

\uap>What kind of squirrels are those, Mary? So cute, and mischievous, lol. Hope storm isn't as strong there now. Sometimes you can buy certain parts for a computer. Getting someone to help you is best. Precious mama with baby roos, and bears, enjoying the water together.

\uap>Your weather changed somewhat, Mandi. I hope it's not too humid, and windy now. Yes, all of our furry, and feathery rascals are *Superstars*. It's been 70-75 degrees average here lately.

\uap>Prayers for all in hurricane Michael's path, humans, and animals.

\uap>Everybody have a wonderful Thursday night. Voted.

\uap>p.s. I posted 'lions drinking at night' video on my page. Enjoy. Roars!


Awesome photos ladies. Obi looked her normal lovey, energetic self today. Gave her last pill today (Baytril). I will still keep a watchful eye. They hide illness quite well.

\uap>I hope everyone had a great Thursday and TYSM for the votes. ^5

\uap>Here's a herd of eles, on the move,,, comin' at ya



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