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Very cute kids Ruth. Creative too.

I have spent the day getting ready to go, so everything will be right while gone. My Chewy order came in today instead of tomorrow, which allowed me to put it all up, so Karen won't have to deal with it. One big box... Had to weigh close to 80 lbs.

I got a heater out, for the office (Daisy lives in) and got it going. It's supposed to go below freezing before I get back. She's old and can't take freezing. Have a great day ladies,, and TY for the votes!
Here's a mom keeping her baby warm LOL

Glad you got your heavy order before leaving, so Karen doesn't have to deal with it, Patrick. Daisy will appreciate you making sure heater is on for her. Below freezing. Brrrr! The mama is making sure baby is cozy. Hope your weather is clear for driving there, and back. Safe trip for you.

No worries on ellie pic, Mary. If I don't have my glasses on, everything is a big blur, and can't see details, so I can relate. We all love animals, here. Love the Bear mama looking up at her cub is saying, "You get down this minute, buster."

All of our kids had a very fun, and safe Halloween. Glad all of you like Hope, and Lora's costumes. I teased Genevieve about eating the girls' candy when they're at school. She says, what me? lol. Ahh, I remember those days. They do share though when there. Hope weather gets better there for all of you.

Your weather sounds good, except for the wind, Mandi. It's been more chilly some times, and wind a couple of days. Wearing layers when really cold. Lion pride resting all together.

Wednesday good vibes. Voted.

This little guy is really well hidden, hunkering down to get warm.

the girls costumes are very imaginative Ruth  i'm always tempted by the leftover chocs too so i can relate love the cute little fox  nice to have the heat for Daisy Patrick have a safe trip  hows your weather Gayle happy wednesday all voted

Just checked into the motel, heading next door for a light dinner. Cool photos of white fox and white squirrels. I have no photos on my laptop. TY for the votes and have a great camel night!

hi Patrick hope you had a nice dinner , hi Gayle and Ruth how are ye?happy thursday all voted this is a snowshoe hare my grandkids told me about them 

Loving all the pix from all of you. We still have a little choc left over from fright night, tempting. Glad your safe at your motel Patrick. So cute, the white fox, squirrels and snow shoe hare. All enjoy your Thursday eve. Cool and breezy here but sunshine. :-)

VotedRelated image

Good evening ladies. Cool snowshoe hare Mary,, also cool white moose Gayle. I just got back to the room from taking a client out to dinner. Ate too much and my blood sugar is probably high. Again, no pics on my lappy to post. I'll be up and out of here, early tomorrow morning for the drive home. It's supposed to get in the low 20's F. Friday night/Sat. AM, so I have to get everything ready for that. I hate winter, lol.

Have a nice evening and TY for the votes

hi Gayle i was watching the fires in california i hope they are not near you i saw poor horses running scared i hope they made it beautiful moose   hi Patrick safe home to better food hi Ruth how are you voted

What a cute little colt Mary. Are they miniature horses? TGIF, home and exhausted. I got all the chores completed, now I'm kicking back, trying not to fall asleep, lol. I won't be able to sleep tonight if I nap now. Are you okay Gayle and Ruth, from the wildfire? I heard they were evacuating people.

I hope everyone is having a good Friday.  Here's a baby kissing Mom...

Cute kissies Patrick, glad you home and safe, brrrrrr on your weather. Naps are good for you they say. Mary adorable horses.They do look like mini's. We are safe here right now from the fires. But we are in the middle of them, north and south. So very sad for human and animals. :-( Cali sure needs some relief in the way of showers.Voted. Happy Friday all.

Related image

Getting here late, lol.. Busy day, newsletter, trip to town (supposed to snow Monday), then chores, on and on, yada yada. LOL

I hope everyone is having a great Sat. TYSM for the votes

More babies :) Mom giving hugs

Aww cute babies Patrick, and snow? Best to get to town and chores done before the snow hits. We are just smoked in here. Terrible fires. Hi Ruth and Mary hope all is well.

Voted.   No automatic alt text available.

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