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Thanks for thinking of me Ruth and Mary. Hoping today is going to be the turn to getting better? Love the pic Ruth, glad you sat the girls for Genevieve and hubby. Cute pic Mary. Hi Patrick. Voted

Image result for the new year is coming pix

Image result for cute animals pix

Oh wow, love the sparkling Christmas tree kitty, Mary. Same for everybody to enjoy the rest of the holiday. Cloudy, and cold here.

You're welcome, Mandi. Getting well, the sooner the better. It's great you did Facetime, like you were there with your gr-grands. The cat and dog are in the Christmas spirit in their hats. Hello upside down cyoooot kitty. I think the Vogelkop bird is doing a mating ritual. Not sure though. It's crazy a whole year almost gone by, again. Signed, and shared your giraffe petition.

Giving Hope and Lora some of your pics. Thanks.

Hello Patrick. There are definitely a lot of creatures at your place. Giving money is always great so they can pick out what they want. Nice gift for your wife.

All have a wonderful day. Voted.

Good evening ladies. Hope you are feeling better Gayle. Great photos ladies. Still a couple more days before the weekend Ruth. I finished up the last bit of paper work, reports and a spreadsheet, so I'm free of job/work until Jan 8th. Lots of animal chores, but I like that work.

Have a great Camel Day, and TY for the votes. ^5

Here's a couple of young pals... :)

Love the lion cub pals, Patrick. Great you have more time to rest, if possible, lol, chores, and doing what you love to do, feeding the animals.

Good night everybody.

Not the usual find.

A Chocolate Lover's Dream

thats my size bar Ruth lol hi Gayle i hope your feeling better today  love the kitty and the cute lion cubs Patrick hope evryone is having a great day voted

Tks Patrick and do love the cubs and I know you like the animal chores. Paperwork UGH. Year end I'm loaded with it. I'm with Mary on that candy bar Ruth :-)  TY Mary, still coughing like crazy :-(  I love those ellies so much. Hope all are having a great Thursday. Windy and cold here.  Voted.

Related image

Wow, 3 lb chocolate bar Ruth :O Is that yours?

Cute baby eles Mary. Cool .gif Gayle. Hope you get better soon.

Have a great evening and TY for the votes!

Here's a butterfly :)

hi Gayle i hope you feel better today   what a beauty Patrick hi Ruth how are you? voted

I only took pics of the over-sized bar, and kiss, Patrick. One lady said she bought the 3 lb. Hershey bar a few years ago, and still had some of it the next year. Now that's a chocolate that goes a long way, lol. Beautiful butterfly.

Very sweet ellie babies, Mary. Pals forever, and ever. Cyoooot feel better puppy.

Thinking about you feeling better, Mandi. Really chilly there. Average temps, mid 40s, high, and 25-30, low. That squirrel, and cat are really going at it.

Always welcome for votes. Voted.

Have a great TGIF my friends.

Listen to the kitty


Are feeling any better Gayle? Anyone have big plans for the upcoming New Years? Karen and I are doing nothing. lol Sit at home and try to stay awake for midnight. Make a toast to 2019 if we are still up.

Cool photos. A puppy and a kitty helps making feeling bad, feel better.

Here's a gorgeous bird. Roseate Spoonbill.

Waiting for midnight to bring in the new year, is quite a challenge in our older years, Patrick.

The spoonbill wings make a convenient natural umbrella. Hangin out with the other birds. I wonder what they are. hmmmm.

Both puppy, and kitten can cheer you up.

2019 AWOOOO!

Thank you all for the well wishes. Hanging in there.  All your pictures are adorable and give me a smile and so nice of you thinking of me. All have a good Saturday, it's freezing here this morning. But staying snuggled up with Ruby :-) Staying awake for the New Year is hard for all of us apparently LOL.. Voted TY again

Related image

Image result for thank you animal gifs

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