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Check this out (won't last long, lol) Tigerman is in the 300's.

The lower that number, the more people see the link to the T'man website, which equates to more readers

Good afternoon ladies. That 389 didn't last very long. Back in the 500s.

I hope everyone is having a nice camel day. It's cold and wet here, but don't have to travel, with such a short week. Hitting the road next week for a couple days, back to the grindstone. TY for the daily votes!

Here's a 140 year old mom, with a 5 day old baby

Too bad about your weather Patrick,  I love the mom turtle w/her baby.. I have a soft spot for them.. Enjoy your time home b/for taking off next week. Let's see if we can do something about that 500.   Voted -Happy Wednesday Ruth and Mary.

Another mom and baby :-)

Related image

Great New Year' pics guys, and all of the animal pics. Can't get enough of those.

Glad you are feeling better, Mandi. Hope the winds are gone there. Nothing like cold winds going right through you. Stay warm inside. Love the horse, and polar bear family. Polar bear baby want's a kiss from mama. Precious mama, and baby rhino. I found out the Northern White Rhino is gone now. The photo below made me so angry, and sad at the same time:(

Is the doctor in to see your grandsons to find out about chicken pox, Mary. Our son got chicken pox when he was 5, and our friend caught it from him, so we knew he didn't have it as a child. He had a terrible time with it, so hoping you had them already. The hippo is very happy all muddy.

Hope your weather is better now, Patrick. Awesome turtles' pic. It's amazing how long they live. Baby enjoys riding on moma's head. First time for me to see a 5 day old turtle. The Topaz bird is really tiny. They remind me of hummingbirds. We need to slow down time, so the lower numbers will stay longer. More people seeing, voting, and hopefully becoming members of our home, W1.

All have a wonderful day. Voted.

Saying goodbye to a species, the very last male Northern White Rhino,
A most significant photo of 2018

HI   Ruth yep its chicken pox i had it when i was a kid thankfully still have some scars   its so sad about the white rhino  we are losing so many amazing animals so we can grow rubbish food to poison ourselves and destroy the planet not to mention evil trophy hunters it makes me sad and angry we owe our children and grandkids and great grandkids more .Gayle i'm glad your a bit better and that the wind has died down a bit  Patrick isn't that amazing 140 and a new mom i hope your weather improves before you travel happy wednesday all voted

It's good you already had it Ruth. Much harder on adults. Cute bears Mary, Gayle. The Topaz is a type of hummingbird Ruth. However, I do think there's one even smaller (Bee Hummingbird?)

Have a great day and TY for the votes.

Everyone may have already seen this one, but I just love this pic

I love that ele pic too Patrick. Are you traveling today? Love the mom and baby polar bear Mary. Thank goodness you've had those chicken pox. Agree about the white rhino Ruth, such a tradgey ! I hate coward hunters too. I hope for all our grand kids they have wildlife to appreciate. Your right Patrick the bee hummer is the smallest bird in the world. All enjoy Thursday.. Voted.Male Bee Humming Bird (The smallest bird in the World)

very late today my sister was in a fender bender no one hurt thankfully happy thursday all voted

happy friday Gayle Patrick Rut i hope your feeling better Gayle 

Mary, so glad no one hurt in the fender bender. It's always scary.  TY, I'm feeling somewhat better. Hubby seeing Dr. in the morning for his congestion. I'm riding it out. How is the little one doing with the chicken pox? I think that pic is an Armadillo? Hi Patrick, Ruth. Voted. Related image


An armadillo.. lol. I call them armegeddons, we have a ton of them around here.

Cute rabbit gif Gayle. Kind of in a hurry, working on my truck. I hope everyone has a great Friday and TY for the votes.

Here's a colorful guy (not sure what it is, lol)

Good afternoon ladies. Just got back from Springfield, where I got a trunk load of whole frozen turkeys LOL. After the holidays, there's always a bunch of them that didn't sell. All are 20+ lbs. The tigers love them. I cut them in half, down the middle and feed that way. They like to run around with them, shaking them and "killing" them,, LOL. It's fun food for them.

I hope everyone is having a nice Saturday. It got to 65 F. here today,,, and sunny. It's a nice break from the cold and rain. TYSM for the daily votes.

I think everyone knows what this is

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