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hi Gayle Ollie is much better thanks he's staying with me tonight  i hope your hubby feels better soon and you too of course hi Patrick  i hope its not any trouble with your truck love the gorgeous pics guys hi Ruth how are you?voted

Hope all of you are having a great new year so far. I remembered to put 2019 for a payment. huh.

Glad your sister is alright after fender bender, and Ollie is doing better, Mary. Good you had the chicken pox when you were younger. Did your grandson(s) have chicken pox? We use to go to my aunt, and uncle's Texas ranch when I was a teen, and there were armadillos all over the place. Gorgeous, and majestic bald eagles.

I hope your truck is working, Patrick. It is nice to get a break from the cold. Obi, and Gizmo always love when Dad comes home with the meat to eat, and act out there inner instincts with it. You take great care with all of the animals there. The elephant is enjoying the shower. I don't remember what the blue-feet bird is called. The colors on the bird are so vibrant, and beautiful. I guess they eat grapes because he's sitting by them.

Thinking about you, and hubby getting totally well, Mandi. It will be soooo great for our children's children to know wildlife too. We need to save, and protect all of wildlife from the murderers that take their precious lives' away, and the ones destroying their habitats.That bee hummer is the tiniest bird.

Have a great Sunday. Welcome for votes. Voted.

I was playing around with pics, and this happened with Rohke. He reminds me of the Fennec Fox you posted, Patrick, because of long ears. Enjoy.

I can just see the big cats "killing" your delicious treat you got them Patrick. Yep, a blue footed boobies. I really think they are awesome. So funny Ruth the pic of Rohke looking just like that little fox. Mary, glad your grand stayed with you and he's doing better. Chicken pox isn't fun. Love the Eagles so majestic. Hubby doing OK, doc thinks allergies? I'm doing OK,  thank you all for caring. Happy Sunday. Voted.Busy boobies.

Related image

beautiful boobies Gayle glad you doing better  thanks for thinking of Ollie hi Ruth love the pic of Rohke so funny and cute  the big cats ar well impressed with your hunting skills Patrick bringing home turkeys happy sunday all voted

Good afternoon ladies. Busy boobies, lol. Great eagles and the fennec fox and Rohke have big ears. Is that a Rock Wallaby Mary? The baby is so cute, peeking out.

My truck is back in action after getting a tire pumped up, battery cables tightened and the fuel filter cleaned. It's an old beater vehicle, but it's big and has 4 wheel drive (great for taking into the woods, down to the spring water system)

I hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes.

You've heard of bird dogs? This is a dogbird ;)

Good your got your truck working well Patrick, our old vehicles are sometimes the best ones :-) Dogbird LOL.  I was wondering what that animal was too Mary. Hope Ollie is progressing to good health. Hi Ruth.  Voted Happy Monday all. 

Related image

hi Gayle how are you and hubby doing ?Ollie is better today thanks ,you need a big tough truck Patrick glad its o k yes thats a rock wallaby love the dogbird and the cute bear ,hi Ruth how are you voted

Good afternoon ladies. Mr Polar bear doesn't like Mondays LOL.

That's either a Jimmy Durante monkey, or a Proboscis monkey ;)

Went to town and got supplies today, leaving tomorrow for a biz trip. How are you feeling Gayle? Glad Ollie is better Mary. Have a great day and TY for the daily votes.

If you think the dogbird is odd, here's a panther squirrel, lol

have a great trip Patrick what a cute little guy hi Gayle i hope you and hubby are feeling better  hi Ruth how are you voted

Hi, I'm back home. The wifi wasn't working at the motel last night, so I couldn't post or vote. I hope everyone is having a good camel day.What is that critter Mary? LOL

TY for the votes ^5

This is an owl bunny ;)

rabbit dog  glad your home Patrick  Hi Gayle i hope your feeling better  hi Ruth how are you voted

Thank you Mary and Patrick, feeling well now. Those are some wild looking animals Patrick ad Mary :-)  Glad your back home. That's must be a zebra rhino Mary :-)  Hi Ruth.

We have sunshine today, poured rain yesterday. Supposed to get more rain. Voted, happy Thursday, just did the grocery shopping, whew.

Image result for weird looking animals gifs

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