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glad thats fixed i couldnt post at all yesterday  that sounds like a horrible drive Patrick its good you're home ,back hard at it again love the blue magpie ,Rain for the weekend Gayle thats good (i think)  very stormy here today  hi Ruth how are you all enjoy friday votedThe Gang out for a walk...

I'm so glad the meds are making Obi better, Patrick. When I found out, was really worried, but you are the animals' caretaker, and do what they need to get better. Some of the animals you post, I've never seen before, so learning about them, like the Taiwan Blue Magpie, and Goliath Heron that looks taller than their counterparts. Love the leopard closeup, and the osprey catching prey is a great action photo. Glad you arrived home safely.

Very precious baby ellie, Mary. Snow still there. 5th birthday wishes for Ollie, and future ones for Tom. Those rascals need to slow down, lol. Lora will love all of the foxes. The Marble Foxes are beautiful, and cute. It looks like baby ellie is leading family.

Very cool wolf animation, Mandi. More rain there. It snowed here a couple of days, but melted by afternoon. Yeah, no shoveling! It's still cold, and sometimes windy, brrrr. Hi Mr. Sloth. You have the right idea starting your weekend early.

Have a great Saturday. Voted.

thanks Ruth Ollie loved the pic   wrap up warm ,still stormy here .Patrick and Gayle love the pics happy saturday all voted heres another fox for Lori Community Post: 6 Amazing Facts About Fox More

Adorable fox pic Mary. Stormy weather, you'll have to stay in today I guess. Glad your  not shoveling snow.  Hi Patrick, loving all the pictures.  Makes me smile. Voted . My 4 year old gr-grand son has a cast on his arm.  Hit his bed frame horsing around. Fluid on his elbow. Happy Saturday all.  Rain here and cold for us. Related image

Late getting here.

Computer started acting up. Somehow, my new fancy monitor muted sound. Weird.. It also changed paths to speakers. After a couple hours of messing with it, got it working (don't have any idea what I did to fix it, lol).

Great pics! (as usual)

Have an awesome Sat evening ladies. TY for the daily votes.

thats tough on the little guy Gayle i hope he heals soon horsing around is little boys favourite game   love the amazing polar bears ,beautiful tigers Patrick i'm glad you got your computer fixed   never mind how lol hi Ruth how are you voted

I'm glad you got your puter fixed too Patrick. I do stuff on mine and don't have a clue how I did it LOL. Cute tigers.  Mary, darling Mom and baby gorillias. They are so human.  Yes, boys you know :-)  And ty, he should be fine in a few weeks.  Hi Ruth. Voted Happy Sunday !

Related image

Glad to hear the 4 yo will be okay Gayle. Great gorilla photos ladies. I hope all are having a pleasant Sunday. It's warmer here (after freezing drizzle all night) but won't see the sun until Tues.

TY so much for the daily votes. I'm going to make an effort soon, to get this social network more active. It's such a nice platform with no ads and no tracking/data harvesting (like FB does to everyone)

Here's BFFs

TY Patrick, he should heal fine. Love the BFF's :-) Hope you see sun Tuesday. We are cloudy with sprinkles then big storm Wed. & Thurs. I hear. Stay warm, I wish more people would be active here as you mentioned. Free etc. We try..Voted.  Hi Mary and Ruth.. Have a good Monday.

Image result for beautiful wildlife animal gifs

love the cute  lions Gayle and the bffs Patrick  i hope your sun peeps out Patrick and your storm is'nt too bad Gayle i wish we could get more people here too hi Ruth how are you votedGrey Peacock Pheasant at its full glory 😠COPYRIGH

Boys are very active. Your gr grandson can get his cast signed by all of you, maybe Ruby paw print, and Buster pecking, lol. I hope the storm won't be too bad Wednesday. It snowed here with 3", so not bad. Melting as you see this post. The polar bear cub is having a lot of fun with mama playing peek a boo. Hello curious lion cubs. Sweet gorilla baby in mama's arms.

I'm glad Ollie liked the howling dogs' birthday pic, Mary. Thanks for the foxes sleeping. Lora can never get enough of them. She says, "Awwww, so adorable." Hope is like that with wolves. It looks like the mama gorilla is explaining something to her baby. Beautiful bird with blue, and green dots on feathers. I hope your weather settles down soon. Stay warm inside.

Great you fixed the sound on your computer, Patrick. It's strange when you fix something, and you don't realize what you did to. Been there, done that. Mama, and cubs are out on a venture together. Gorilla BFFs 4ever. I hope sun peeks out tomorrow.

This is an awesome free social network. I've posted on some of my site profiles, but it was a while ago. I will think of ways we can get people over here.

Monday night hugs. Welcome for votes. Daily vote on it's way.

Thanks for the ride Mama.

Thanks ladies, for help this community. It could have so much potential, to bring animal lovers together (without all the trash FB contains). It tracks people everywhere they go. If you click a link, there's an FB tracking code connected.

I hope everyone had a great Monday. The rain is easing up here, but the property is a mucky mess. Great pics!! .. TY for the votes!

Here's a young guy, before the belly starts bulging, lol. Look at those arms.

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