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You're so welcome, Patrick. We need more people here for discussions, and all of us sharing our passion to save, and protect animals, and habitats. W1 being free of ads, and no tracing. It's ironic, but I did post W1, and Top Web Comics for more clicks, on my FB group, 'PETITIONS: ANIMALS AND HABITATS'. Many will see it. What a handsome guy. Sure he's a stud in his world, lol. We have slush everywhere from the prior snow, yuck. Hope the muck dries up soon there. Hi to all of the animals there from Rohke, and me. How is Obi tiger doing?

Hello Mandi, and Mary. Morning hugs.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone. Voted.


Good afternoon ladies. Very nice day here today. Sun is out, temps in the low 40's F.

You are right Ruth, that young gorilla looks quite dapper, along with looking like he's super strong. I wouldn't want to tangle with him. LOL

Reminder, people don't have to limit themselves here to wildlife issues. They can form groups and forum threads concerning about anything. This was once a very active community, but died out when FB emerged. Zuckerberg had investors that plowed a couple 100 million bucks into it at the beginning. Now they make money on ads and selling people's data they harvest.

I would love to see this place roaring again, with folks being able to be safe in their personal data, closed groups and private messages. I need to get a few more issues fixed and maybe even get an SSL certificate ($100+ a year) on the domain name (I own that). That would get rid of the warnings that sometimes pop up, or when people sign in. However, even without the SSL, it's a very safe community. Much safer than FB.

I hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday and as always, TY for the daily votes (if we had a few more regulars, we could move T-man into the 400's or better).

This is a great photo of an Ibex

what a powerful looking guy Patrick i hope we get more people here its much friendlier than facebook  i use facebook mostly to share petitions ,i know you do too Ruth and Gayle  love the tigers   happy tuesday all votedGrey fox

Yes, I agree with  Mary Patrick, and we love our   group here. Love the pix. What a beauty that Ibex is and love the little fox. Ruth, glad your snow is melting, but the slush is yucky. We are waiting for a big rain and wind storm starting later today. Warnings out everywhere here. All have a nice Tuesday. Voted.

Mom & her pups  :-)Related image

I wouldn't want to mess with him either, Patrick. Glad sun came out today like you said. People can post about a lot of issues, and feel safe at the same time. More votes would be really great. You made a home for us, and we love being here. The Ibex is standing so proud with his chest out. He has very thick horns.

Yes, we do go on FB to mostly sign, and share petitions, Mary. I appreciate all of you who are a great part of my group there. Glad you like the tigers. The fox looks like silver color. Very beautiful. I'm going to send the fox pics on Google photos to Genevieve, so Lora can enjoy them.

Stay safe, and warm from the big rain/wind storm, Mandi. The slush is almost gone. Those fox pups are giving Mama love bites, and fluffing up her tail.

hi Gayle be careful in the storm we have had a lot of nasty ones here  lots o people cutting bits off trees and lots of beautiful old trees have fallen   love the little foxes  Ruth i hate the slush it can be slippery and it makes everything messy  beautiful black  cat hi Patrick how are you  voted

Glad your slush is almost gone. It's a mess. Love the black  panther. Mary your right about the tree dangers. This time the country was given lots of flood and wind warnings. Love the red pandas. 

It's pouring here, and no let up soon. Ruby did not want to go out this morning :-)  Hi Patrick,  Voted all stay safe this Tuesday  !

Related image

Happy camel day ... Great pics. The red pandas are awesome. I use to have a friend who had a nature park and had 2 of them. They were so friendly. They loved people and attention. He eventually closed down from lack of visitors. He didn't have a lot of different animals, because he made very big natural habitats (and sometimes people couldn't see the animals because of that).

I hope everyone is having a great day and TY for the daily votes. LOOK-- we are in the 400's :D

Brothers, on the prowl

Ruby has the right idea stay out of the rain Gayle  stay snug inside Hi Patrick those brothers are awesome  Ruth how are you votedTons of Cutest Babies On Earth : Celebrity Babies, Animal BABIES, Dinosour BABIES, Robot BABIES, God Babies, Alien Babies

Awesome otters Mary. I love those guys :) I hope everyone is having a great Valentines Day. Karen and I drove up to Springfield Missouri to get meat for the kids then had a late V-day lunch in Branson. Long day, but pleasant.

TY so much for the votes.... (we fell back in the 500's, lol)

Here's a bison in a blizzard

Late Valentine wishes to everybody.

Very nice you, and your wife went to lunch on your special day together, Patrick. Oh, and the cats happy for the meat. Our Vday started out icy, snowy, and windy in the morning, and Robert had a second acupuncture appointment, so I drove slow taking him there. Luckily it's close by. He said it seems to be helping, but not quite sure yet. Two more to go. I hope the buffalo isn't too cold in the blizzard. I think the two lion brothers are looking at us, lol. Roars!

I hope it's not too stormy there, Mary. The baby otter likes Mama's warm tummy. The red pandas are having fun playing with each other.

Ruby has the right idea not going in the rain, Mandi. Trees down do make the flooding worse. Hoping it will stop soon there.

Happy TGIF. One more vote from me.

such cute kitties Ruth  and the bison looks really amazing  Patrick hi Gayle i hope your nice and dry  i hope you all enjoyed v day with your hubbys and wife  happy friday all voted

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