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what a beautiful  pride of lions Ruth  i hope the ground dries up for you Patrick you won't know yourself with your  new heater and hot water flowing  jaguar is ready for his swim ,how are you Gayle votedGolden gnu Limpopo

I'm locked out of Facebook. I'm guessing they are having problems. Imagine if they didn't come back, the WCN social network would grow huge, lol. At one time, this site was really busy. Then FB opened up and people left like someone yelled fire.

My water heater is in back of the old SUV and still down by the tiger enclosures. I'm an idiot. I should have unloaded the heater at the back door first, although I would have probably got stuck back there as well. I could have walked to the enclosures to feed. At least the heater would be in the house (although I have found I bought a wrong installation part and will have to go to town tomorrow to get the right one).

*Sigh* Just keeps raining...

Have a great day and TY for the Tman votes ^5

This snow leopard looks like he's doing some wild dance lol

I love snow leopards Patrick, so sorry  your having the issues with the water tank and have to go to town for another part. These things never go as planned we say around here LOL.  Is it really raining? ;-)  Hi Ruth and Mary.. Voted.


I was locked out of facebook  to Patrick i hought my broadband was down it was so stormy  ,sorry your having all the heater issues these things never go as planned it'l be worth it when its working love the pretty snow leopard ,Hi Gayle its poring rain here and very windy i have to go to the dentist arghh  love your giraffe video .Hi Ruth how are you? voted

Hi Mary, your weather sounds terrible, and the dentist ugh! I go next week too. Love the gorgeous fox pic.  Patrick hope all is going well on the heater fix. Hi Ruth.  Voted

Related image


Cool pics ladies. I had a pet fox when I was a kid. It was pretty cool. Hyper as heck, but lovey-dovey. Water heater is still in the back of the SUV, but I did get it backed out of the ruts (and backed-up hard against a tree) lol. It's sunny today, so hoping it will drive out of the predicament, and not require the truck to pull it out.

I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday, TY for the votes.

Maybe I can be like these guys, and "get my ducks in a row" lol

hi Gayle pretty fox i love the video ,hows your weather?good luck with the dentist.  Patrick i hope it stays dry so your  suv can drive  then the work begins  ,theres always something isn't there  ? hi Ruth how are you voted

Mary I hope all went well for you at the dentist. Love the picture of the colorful Iguana, your right that there is always something to work on. Sunny and warming up here to almost 70 degrees.  Patrick, hoping all goes well with the truck and heater issue.  One of the benefits of owning a home LOL. Love the duckies. Ruth how are u?  Voted.   TGIF

Related image

Good evening ladies. Late getting here, just finished my work day. Got the SUV unstuck and the water heater installed,, plus all the other chores. I'll mess with getting it fired up tomorrow. Too tired to be messing with propane gas.

Great lizard and raccoon! I had a pet raccoon once. Sort of a pet. I rescued him as a baby (his mom was roadkill) and let him live in the house while raising him. He followed me in and out as I did chores. After he was full grown, he followed me outside, but didn't return when I came in. He went into the forest to live with his own kind.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday night, TY for the votes.

This is a cool animal.. a Margay

Good afternoon ladies, I hope everyone is having a nice Sat. It's going to take awhile to get the water heater going, there's a lot of air in the gas line to get out.

I drove to town today, to get groceries and hit the bank. Then drove about 30 miles north to a little place that smokes their own meats and sells homemade jams, jellies and a bunch of other stuff they make. I picked up a couple pounds of smoked sliced brisket. It's awesome eats. :)

Have a great Sat night and TY for the votes

Here's a Painted Bunting

The Margay and Painted Bunting are beautiful Patrick. Getting air out reminds me when we had to pump breaks on cars. You made me very hungry mentioning the smoked sliced brisket. Jam and Jellies as well. Cool.. Do you just heat the brisket up to eat?  Enjoy your Saturday and eat well.  :-)   Hi Mary and Ruth how are you?


This is a very endangered Amur Leopard.

Help strengthen Russia's wildlife laws and save the Amur leopard

happy weekend all grandkids are here votedThe Sunda ColugoThis animal is so weird yet so cool!...Malayan flying lemur (huge membrane similar to flying squirrel, they glide0

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