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Love the wild dogs Mary.  Patrick thinking and prayers for Karen today.. Keep us updated. Hi Ruth. Voted.

Image result for darling wild animal pic

Good afternoon friends. Just got home, still have chores to do. Karen is home and sore. She has a drain tube coming out from the side of her neck. When the draining stops, they will remove it. I'm exhausted as well.

Great photos ladies! TY for the votes...

Goliath Heron

i'm glad your  home Patrick i hope ye get a good rest after that ordeal ,Hi Gayle how are you its pouring rain here i was lucky i got my painting done yesterday  love the beautiful foxes and heron hi Ruth how are you?voted  

No rest for the weary, lol... Karen called the Dr and told him the draining had all but stopped. He asked her to come to Harrison (he has an office there as well, he uses once per week). So, we got everything together quickly and headed off that way (about 4 hours drive, round trip).

It was hard after yesterday, but good to have it over with. Karen's pretty happy about getting the tube out as well. Harrison is about 45 minutes closer, than where we went yesterday, so it was nice getting it done there. I fed the outside ferals and the big cats before we left, so I can kick back now, with only the inside cats and dogs to feed/water. TY for the kind thoughts and prayers for Karen, it was quite an ordeal, but looks like it's over.

What kind of bird is that Mary? Glad you got your painting completed before the rains.

Have a great day Ladies, and TY for the votes and photos!

Here's a mom playing with her cub

What good news about Karen Patrick. So glad they took the drain out. You both must be exhausted. Try to rest today. Love the Heron and the Mom playing with her cub. Glad you got your painting done before the rain Mary. Very cute pic birdie building the nest. Hi Ruth.. Warm here. Voted.

Busy Mom.

Related image

Great news about Karen finally re-cooperating, Patrick. It was good you didn't have to drive as far the second time around, and kicked back after the trips, getting the ferals, tiger cats, and the fur balls inside fed. Giant heron is the right name, because they look tall. Awwww, Mama leopard, and cub having a loving moment, oh, and cub playing with her. Mraw!

Warm here too, but the mornings are still cool enough to open the windows, AC in the afternoon, oh yeah. The fennel foxes have very long ears. Lora loves all foxes, but they're one of her faves. I can't tell if the Mama lion is coping, or loving the cubs hanging onto her or not, lol.

Glad you got the painting done before the downpour, Mary. The very colorful bird has a nice nest, home.

Good Wednesday vibes. Welcome for votes, always. Voted.

hi Gayle Patrick Ruth very cute pics love the big and little cats ;glad Karen has the tube out i hope you two had a bit of rest ,enjoy the warm Gayle  your weather sounds nice Ruth happy wednesday all voted

Happy Wednesday all. Cute kits Ruth, our weather sounds about the same. Mary love the buffalo and calf. My brother saw some on a trip to Yellowstone years ago.Patrick do hope all is well with your chores and Karen. And both getting some rest. Voted.

Related image

Hopping on and back off. Big t-storms moving back in (been off and on all day).

Great pics ladies! Have a great camel day,, and TY for the votes!

More mamma ,,, feeding her cubs

Aww, buffalo Mama luvins, Mary. It's kind of warm in the afternoons here. I'm dreading the summer heat when it arrives, ugh. If you get more rain, send it on over, drip drip.

Very cool your brother saw buffalo at Yellowstone, Mandi. When I lived in San Francisco, about 19 years ago, there were some at the end of Golden Gate Park towards the beach. What a treat. Love bear cub resting with Mama. Those kits are cute.

I'm so glad Karen is doing better, Patrick. Mama bear says, "drink up little ones". Looks like each cub has a teet.

Mom's Day, Sunday. Sending my card tomorrow. Hope it gets there in time. I want to be with her so much, but I never have enough money to fly to Arizona.

Joining in on the Mama, and baby theme.

You are the best Mama in the whole world:)

Good afternoon ladies. Cute baby ele Ruth. I really miss my Mom. She will be gone 10 years this July. Cloudy but pleasant temps today (70 F). I have someone coming Sunday, to mow my place. I still haven't fixed my own mower, I have been soo busy. The $150 I am paying to have it mowed one time, would pay for everything I need, to fix mine (except time). Oh well.

Have a great day my friends, and TY for the votes!

Peek-a-boo, lol

Adorable baby and mama elephants Ruth and Patrick. Makes sense to have the placed done instead of spending on mower repairs being about the same cost.  Ruby not feeling well today, called my vet, put her on Flagyl for 7 days. Happy Thursday all. Hi Mary.. Cloudy and warm here. Voted Staying with the Mama baby theme as well :-)

Image result for baby and mama animal pic

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