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very cute sloth, lions, and Koala.  Keeping you and Karen in thoughts Patrick. Drive safe Wed. Hope car won't be too expensive for repairs.  Ruby is doing well so far Patrick, tks for asking. The Flagyl is working :-)  Voted

Related image

glad to hear Ruby is doing well Gayle  hi Patrick drive safe  hi Ruth how are you ?voted

Beautiful bird Mary, and ty, about Ruby, still doing OK. :-) Hi  Patrick and Ruth. Voted. Expecting showers here soon.

Related image

Good afternoon friends. Beautiful birds! Always love the tigers <3

Everything is mowed now. Now to get my own more in order so I don't have to pay a lawn care service. Got a new water pump on my car today, that was a bite in the butt (right in the area of my back wallet pocket, lol). Got some groceries for Karen for when I'm gone on a biz trip.

We have fallen back into the 400's. I'll try to get some extra votes in while traveling.

Have a great Tues. and TY for the votes!

I posted a Mandarin Duck pic earlier, taken as a top view. Here's one that's more of a back and head profile

Hitting the road, so checking in early. I'll vote with my cell phone as many times as possible while traveling, to see if I can get us back in the 300's LOL.

Have a great camel day and TY for the votes!

Mom, playing with the kid (I use to play with kids, doing this as well, lol)

Catching up with all of your awesome pics. Love the animal baby, and bird themes.

Hope both of you, girls, had a great day, Sunday, as you deserve. Happy Mother's Day to Mom's not with us anymore. Thanks for all of your wishes.

My Son, Eric, cooked breakfast, scrambled eggs, and bagels/cream cheese. Yum:) Genevieve spent day with the girls at home. We will all get together on a future date. My Mom lives in Arizona, so we talked on the phone.

We will get the voting numbers up, Patrick. Hooyah! Those repairs sure can take out a bite from your wallet. Good you got the pump done, though. Have a safe trip. Mama, and baby monkey have fun playing. I remember doing that with our kids.

I'm so glad the Flagyl is working for Ruby, Mandi. Very scary when they get sick. Mama tiger, and cub hugging is so precious. Love the bird with fanned feathers on his head.

You did send your rain over here, Mary. It's been cooler with sprinkles here for a couple of days now. Lots of thanks:) I'm calling that bird Puffy guy, lol.

Wednesday hugs. Voted. Trying to figure out a better way to get people over here, hmmmm.

These adorable furry ones peeking out was posted a while ago from one of you. Enjoy again.

Ruth, sounds like your son is a chef yum on your Mother's day. Glad your Mom is still here to talk to.  We all miss ours that are in Heaven. Cute little ones poking out.  Yes, I did that with my brother Patrick, such cute chimps. Hope you had a safe drive. We are getting Mary's rain also Ruth. Won't complain. Much cooler as well. Voted.  Happy Wednesday Hi Mary.


Image result for amazing birds photos gifs

so lovely for you to have your Mom to talk to on mothers day Ruth and your lovely son cooking  yes i sent the rain lol we have lots here  love the cute pic Gayle i'm delighted Ruby is doing well beautiful birdie  i did that with my kids as well Patrick  have a safe trip and get lots of votes happy wednesday all votedMum!!! ...yes baby what do you want? ...mum im struggling here! ...oh hang on baby im coming! ...Lee and Leah are helping but I can't keep a grip! ...oh you will be ok your nearly there! ...thanks mum! ...love you mum! ...love you bruv and sis!!! 18/7/18 Jane Feeney

Good afternoon ladies. I was up until 5:30 am, but got all my work completed at the plant, so I don't have to go back in tonight. I'll get some good sleep and get up early for the long drive home. I'm swinging out of my way to pick up meat for the tigs, which adds a couple extra hours of driving, but saves me an even longer drive making the trip from home and back.

Great photos! I hope everyone is having a nice Thurs. TY for the votes (I have managed to add a few extra votes at wifi hotspots, lol)

Here's Angolan black-and-white Colobus monkeys

hi Patrick love the cute  monkeys  safe journey home hi Gayle and Ruth how are ye voted

I think they are sugar gliders?

Glad you got Mary's rain to cool off, Mandi. Cool here, sprinkles now and then. Eric doesn't cook a lot, but when he does very yummy. I am blessed my Mom is still here. Little birdie is sideways pollinating, lol.

Enjoying the rain, Mary. You do have much to spare. Looks like the lioness is persuading the cubs to climb up the tree. Come on little ones. Cool, a jumping fox. He is high up there. Baby monkey says, "Catch me".

Great you got done at the plant, and more votes in, Patrick. Get some good sleep tonight. It is smart to drive a little longer to get the tigs meat, instead of taking another trip there.

Have a good Thursday night. Voted.

Happy Friday everyone. Hope your home with the kitty food and getting a little rest Patrick. Pretty monkeys. Always love the fox playing Mary.  How's the weather. ?  Ruth still got Mary's rain? We are gloomy today but supposed to pour tomorrow. I miss my Mom today, it's her B/Day.   All enjoy a nice Friday. Voted   Patrick you got us down to 388 on the votes :-)

Image result for Yay friday pix

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