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That is a baby sloth Patrick. Cute ellie bro's.  Agree about Trump ugh!!  Hope you don't get a storm. And you as well Mary.   Hi Ruth and Mary.. Voted Warm and sunny here. :-)

I read so much about many wild life becoming endangered.

Image result for baby and mama animal pic

Oh my gosh, baby sloths are adorable Gayle. <3 We had a brief window between rain storms, so I got outside and fed everyone. Still got wet (drizzling). T-storms moving in later (again)

How are you Ruth and Mary?

I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday. I'm home all this week, catching up on reports, spreadsheets etc. Back out next week.

TY for the votes. I got a couple extra votes in yesterday when we went to town, but still in the 400's :(

I thought this ele pic was cool, so grabbed it :)

hi Gayle Patrick Ruth we had more storms and rain here its a bit better  now   beautiful giraffes and ellies gorgeous baby sloth happy friday all votedCamello con su cria

TGIF ladies.. Cute little camel Mary. Storming here right now as well. If someone around here is doing a rain dance, they can stop and sit down LOL

Hi Gayle and Ruth. I hope everyone is having a good Friday, TY for the daily votes ^5

Here's a cute little jumping spider

Cute ellie and camel pix, even the spider isn't bad LOL. Sorry your both having such bad weather Patrick and Mary. We are still sunshine and warm. Hi Ruth. Voted. Hope you all have a nice Saturday. Great grands are coming soon to meet Ruby and Buster  :-)

Red shouldered hawk. ( swamp hawk)

Red-Shouldered Hawk, Florida Stock, Shutterstock

Gayle what a treat for your ggrands to meet Ruby and Buster enjoy your day ,beautiful hawk,Patrick amen to that we have a small river outside from flooding  cute little spider .Hi Ruth how are you voted Rose araignée

Getting here a bit late. Huge day. First day without rain for awhile. Lots of extra chores,,, plus the newsletter, plus a trip to town. I got in a couple of extra votes in town, on my phone.

I love hawks Gayle. We have raised and rehabbed 5-6 of them. The chicks were so cute and funny. Very smart. We released after raising. That's a pretty spider Mary. I don't mind spiders, except for black widows and brown recluse. I don't want them around.

Have a nice evening and TY for the votes

I love hawks too Patrick, glad to hear you raised some. Big boy ellie , pretty spider Mary. Hope both have a sunny day with no rain. Fire broke out already in So L.A. we are on high heat alert. Hi Ruth. Voted

Have a lazy Sunday

Related image

hi Patrick you sound so busy beautiful elephant hi Gayle its pouring rain here all day i could'nt  take the grands for a game of ball  , more fires it seems they are not out that long  lovely squirrel  hi Ruth how are you ?voted A

Adorable squirrel pic Gayle. We hand raised a couple of baby squirrels about that size, long ago. Forest Dept found them on the ground and knew they would die if left there. Brought them here... Karen fed them with a tiny syringe with the needle removed. They grew up fine.

Beautiful foxes Mary...

Hi Ruth,,, *waves*

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday (even with the rain Mary). TY for the votes ^5

Siberian Flying Squirrel

morning Gayle Patrick Ruth  still raining  here not as bad as yesterday beautiful little guy Patrick   happy monday all voted Wolf pups waiting for mum

Darling fox pix Mary,  and the flying squirrel too Patrick.We took a baby squirrel to the wildlife center years ago, they asked for our address so they could relocate him back here when old enough.  Still raining Mary, my goodness and we are in the 100 degree weather today :-( Big heat wave here. Fires all around already. :-(  Hi Ruth. Voted

Related image

Related image

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