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I had a horrible drive Wednesday. Got stuck on a highway cuts through some dense forest, for 2 hours. Flash flood had a creek running over the road with major debris. I had to sit and wait until highway crews could clear it and water to go down. The rain was so hard at times, I couldn't see the road. Turned my drive into a very long ordeal.
Great photos!
I hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday. TY for the votes!

Here's some colorful squirrels.

that sounds awful Patrick Hi Gayle and Ruth votedSandhill Crane & Young

It was an ordeal Mary. There was a big root ball from a dead oak that washed into the middle of the highway, that had to be removed with a big backhoe. Hi Gayle, Ruth. I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday. Hot here... TY for the votes

The flash flood, pouring rain, and waiting for a long time, was so awful to go through, Patrick. I'm glad you made it home safe finally, and hope you got some much needed rest after. Love the tiger Mama taking a walk with her cubs. Very precious bear cubs with Mama. Those are very colorful squirrels. Lion cub really having a blast chewing on tail.

Good you are getting some cooler days, Mandi. Some days here too. So sad about fire destroying the condos. Were they being built when it happened? It's fun watching the baby camels walking around. Love the Mama lion with cub, and Mama monkey hugging her baby.

Thankful, no sign of heatwave here too, Mary. I'm glad the trees were trimmed, without worrying about your son getting hurt by the chainsaw, whew. Great time with grands, and the dogs. The guys must of had a good time at the stag party for Gavin. Congrats to him, and his future wife. Those birds have some big beaks. I wonder what they're called. Cheetah lovin, Dad lion bonding with his cub is so precious. Bambi with Mama. Baby bird riding on Mama.

All have a wonderful Sunday night. I'm glad to be here. Voted.

Congrats to Gavin Mary-Love all the darling pix! Hope all are OK with weather. Hot there for you  Patrick. That drive sounded terrible , so glad your OK and made it home. Yes, Ruth, those condos were being built, suspect arson now I heard. Nice weather here, in the low 80's.  All have a great Monday. Voted.

Image may contain: outdoor

Patrick that sounds horrendous ,glad your safe  love the cute little lion ,i'm glad your not having a heatwave Ruth beautiful polar bear Gayle i'm glad its cooler for you sweet ellies happy monday all votedBeautiful lion moment

Good afternoon ladies. New month and scores were reset. We were 1100 when I got up. lol. Now we are doing good. Pretty good for 4 voters anyway, lol. I got in a couple today, because I hit the vote at the little local store this morning. Plus everyone voted, so we have a good start.

Awesome photos. That little polar bear looks nice and cool (it's in the 90's here today)

Have a great day and TY for the votes!

Coconut crab

That's pretty warm there Patrick. Glad the voting is working. :-) Down to 471.  Coconut crab, is pretty .. Hi Mary and Ruth great pix.. Voted  Happy Tuesday.

Related image

Puppies!! LOL I see 446 right now. I voted in town today, at Mickey D's, when we went for groceries (and a burger for going back up the mountain, lol). Got another vote in, at the little store down the road.

Hi Ruth and Mary. I hope everyone has a good Tuesday and TY for the votes

Here's Daisy in 2002 as a pup. Her eyes were blue, then turned yellow as she grew up. The 2nd photo is her now,,, 17 years later. She is very old and lives in the office with me.

She is totally blind and almost deaf. But she still likes to eat, get loved on,,, and visit Pepper and Buddy when she goes outside to do chores. I love her so much, I can't put her down. She's not in pain, so I just deal with her disabilities and make her life as nice as possible, in her final stage of life.

Daisy now, 17 years later

Daisy beautiful   Patrick she  a lucky dog to be loved and considered old age is hard on animals i think that's when they need us most  hi Gayle and Ruth  happy tuesday all votedAn image collection on imgfave

I agree with Mary Patrick, how lucky Daisy is to be with you. She is a beautiful girl.. Mary, love the pic. Hi Ruth. Voted.  Happy Wednesday all.  Image result for baby wildlife with mama pix

Good afternoon WCN friends.

I have deleted over 75 pages of forum threads (10 to a page). I am leaving "milestone threads". Threads of the photo contests, threads by (or about) friends that have passed way,,, etc.

We were at 160% of the limit, and Ning will up the monthly cost if I don't thin down the amount of content being stored. I have been at it for over 4 hours. LOL
I'll delete the Best Mother humorous thread when Ruth and Mary see it. It's not really a milestone, so it will be gone soon

I hope everyone is having a nice camel day. Hot as blazes here, mid 90's and high humidity. TYSM for the daily votes.

Kid throwing a tantrum and Mom is not too concerned, lol

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