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Hope all have a safe and sane Holiday today. We will stay in and turn the TV up louder. Ruby is fine and just barks at the noise.:-)  Voted  Heard about an earthquake down north of LA. Makes us worry here.

Image result for happy 4th doberman pix

Gayle stay safe  an earthquake how scarey for you  im glad  Ruby isn'ttoo bothered by the noise  hi Patrick and Ruth how are ye?votedHappy 4th of July! Snoopy and Woodstock watching fireworks.

Happy Independence Day (I prefer that, over calling it the 4th, lol). It's the day we celebrate killing tyrants ;)

I hope everyone is having a nice day. Is there any sort of holiday in Ireland, on the 4th of July, Mary? I'm pretty sure British don't celebrate anything today LOL

Our animals are pretty good about not freaking out. Probably because the neighbor down the road, and his family,,, shoot their guns all the time. Sometimes they shoot their cannon, so the animals are use to it

TY for the votes!

Dhole (mountain wolf)


Cute 4th pic Mary.  Patrick, love that mountain wolf, really pretty.. Hi Patrick, Mary and Ruth.  Still a lot of TV news on the earthquake.  We experienced the  one in 89 here, it was really bad.  Voted.

 Happy Friday all

Image result for TGIF wolf pix

really pretty wolves Patrick and Gayle ,Patrick your neighbours  take a bit of getting used too i'd say ,Gayle i was thinking about you today looking at the earthquake news ,stay safe  hi Ruth how are you?votedThis is how I imagined all the beautiful wolves in the world. So cute! I wish I could just go snuggle up with one and give it a big Emily hug. Emily hugs are reserved for special occasions.

I got the front and both sides of the yard mowed (about 3 1/2 acres) just need to mow the back, playground and trim up the perimeter areas. Big T-storms moved in, so I had to quit. Internet went down, but back up, so why I'm so late getting here.

Cool pics Mary and Gayle. Hi Ruth *waves from afar* lol

Have a great Fri. night and TY for the votes!

A pacific blue marlin

Greetings ladies. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sat. It's hotter than blazes here. lol

I decided to pay the lawn service guy to do the playground and tiger perimeter area. The grass is tall and my mower is old. Not sure it can handle the playground. It's fine for the rest of the yard. I don't want to mess it up on the playground tall grass (the lawn guy has a big John Deere mower)

Have a great day and TY for the votes!

A Black Jacobin Hummingbird, backlit by the sun

hi Patrick its cooler here today ,that mowing sounds like really hard work be careful in the heat  Magnificent marlin and beautiful hummingbird,Gayle i hope all is well with you and you are safe from the earthquake hi Ruth how are you voted

We had a quiet Independence Day and night.

Enjoying all of your photos, as always. I posted the baby polar bear in snow pic to cool us off, if only for a little while.

Hope all of you are safe from the earthquake, Mandi. I remember the 89 earthquake. Ruby barks, “Stop with all that racket, fireworks”. Good idea turning the TV up. I was wondering how Buster takes it. Love the dobie 4th pic. Very cute pup.

It's really hot there, Patrick. Hope cool down soon. Daisy is blessed to have you, and ditto for you with her. Love her white fur. Glad the animals are use to fireworks. John Deere plows right through. Beautiful humming bird, and marlin. Cool mountain wolf, AWOOOO!

Glad it is cooler there, Mary. No summer heatwave here yet, whew. It's been high 70s lately. Cute 4th of July pic, and gorgeous bird.

All have a wonderful Sunday. As of 9:05 a.m. today, votes were at 479. 6 more hours to vote again.


hi Ruth  great pic nice to have a quiet 4th of july ,Gayle  i hope your doing o k and safe hi Patrick how are you grands are off home   happy sunday all voted

Patrick, worth hiring the lawn guys at times. Beautiful  hummer hope your weather is better. Ruth, cute pic.Buster did fine with all the noise out there on the 4th. As long as I'm in the house :-)  Mary cute funny looking bird. Nice  you had the grands. So far we are safe from the earthquakes. So scary though. Yesterday a visit here with daughter and son-in-law. They live almost 3 hours away, so nice to see them. All enjoy your Sunday. Weather hear about 80.  Voted.

Balaeniceps rex, living in Africa (shoebill)

Birding in Tanzania: This bird is Balaeniceps rex, living in Africa

Good afternoon ladies. Awesome photos. Looks like they are having a big party Ruth, lol. Unique birds Mary and Gayle. Stay alert to those Cali earthquakes, they are very dangerous.

Lawn guy came and did the playground and tiger perimeter (and the 2 vacant tiger enclosures as well). I'm thinking of adding a gate between the 2 empties and giving Obi two enclosures to live in. Once her enclosure is vacant, then Gizmo can have 2 as well. It would double the living space for both. Since there's only 2 tigers here, they might as well have all of the space available. If more need rescuing, I can always go back to current arrangements

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes
Mamma bear hugging cub

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