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Beautiful Osprey and Lions interesting bird Patrick. Heatwave hasn't hit us yet starts tomorrow. Mary we hate winds here fires already started here. Patrick, you are a super man with all the chores and running here and there. Glad your back home. All take care out there. Hi Ruth.   Voted. Enjoy Sat. evening.


still wet and windy here i hope our winter isn't starting early  hope the heatwave holds off Gayle hi Patrick and Ruth voted

Cute animals Gayle and Mary. Hi Ruth. Where are the fires Gayle?

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday. TY for the votes

Here's a cute little fella

Sorry about your bad weather Mary sucks. Cute fox. Our heat  wave starts today into next week even higher. Patrick love that cute little fella. The fires are down south LA area so far. A couple around here in the industrial areas,  no injuries but property losses. Hi Ruth.  Voted  Happy Sunday all.

Pygmy hippo

Image result for cute little hippo babies pic

beautiful little guys Gayle and Patrick fires again Gayle arghhh how awful ! hi Ruth happy monday all voted

Love the ellies Mary, our heatwave has started Ugh.. Hi Patrick and Ruth. Happy Monday.  Voted

Image result for wild newborn baby animals

Happy World Elephant Day.. Cute baby ele Mary. Awesome Pygmy hippos Gayle, and the black leopard (melanistic) is also very cool. ^5

Hot here as well. Mid-90's and high humidity.

I may be getting a side X side ATV tomorrow. Driving a couple hours to look it over. It's used, but nice. It will be real handy for chores around here, especially going down to the spring system to fix things

Have a great day and TY for the votes!

i hope the a t v works out Patrick it would help a lot sorry about your heatwave Gayle its still raining here getting quite wintery today  beautiful leopards and that little fella is so cute Hii Ruth voted

It's getting wintery there Mary? Wow,, high 90's F here, "feels like" 102 (humidity effect)

I bought the ATV today, but they have a couple things to fix, probably won't make delivery until Friday. Long day, 5 hour round trip drive.

A  Quetzal

The ATV I bought, it's used (2012),, but looks decent. Hope it's good for awhile, no warranty

That is very cool Patrick, and looks a great shape. I feel you'll be OK for a long while. :-)   Good find.. xo

Hello Wednesday everyone,  Mary hoping your weather is better? Like Patrick, we are in a major heat wave. :-(    Love all the pix.  Hi Ruth.   Voted

Raccoons © Kim Nagy

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