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beautiful halloween cat Ruth won't be long now this year really flew  sealion and penquin look like they are singing together Patrick i hope you take a breather after all that work how are you Gayle any cool in the weather happysunday all votedAntarctic fur seal cute and prouud Mama - Imgur

Those faces Mary, lol. So pretty. Like dogs with flippers :)

Hi Gayle, Ruth...

I took it pretty easy today. Was going to use the wheelbarrow, but a handle was soft (rot) and broke. I ordered a new pair of handles from Amazon.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes (we're back in the 400's) Oh well...

Great Hornbill Kaziranga

Love the cat Ruth, Halloween is coming ! Adorable sea lions Mary, weather is hot and tomorrow hotter. Little breeze today so that's good. Hope your doing OK? What would we do without Amazon Patrick. Glad you were able to order the handles. As my hubby always, "nothing lasts forever". Glad your taking it easier today, you need to rest. I thought that bird was some kind of Tucon. Voted. Happy Sunday all.

beautiful bird Patrick amazon is so handy i'm glad you took it a bit easy Hi Gayle sorry its so hot  what a gentle Mom and baby pic! hi Ruth  happy monday all voted Spectacular Wild Animals Photography by Thomas D Mangelsen #photography #wildlife #animals #nature #outdoor

Nice art Gayle. Momma bear and cubs are cool Mary. Hi Ruth

I downloaded Opera browser to replace IE which is nearing obsolete. The Opera has VPN so I can use 4 different IP numbers, which allows for 4 votes a day, lol. That's why we are back into the mid-300's

I hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday. It's mid-60's F. here and clear blue skies. Nice... TY for the votes!

birds and butterflies

Cute bears Mary. Warm here, but not as hot as predicted. :-) Love the colors on those birds Patrick. I hope it's Monday. I do not know about your new browser, I'm still using windows 7. Glad your liking it tho.  Hi Ruth. Voted

Say what?  LOL

 Related image



Happy Tuesday all. We are on fire watch with high winds starting tomorrow evening.  Voted  all take care. Hi Patrick, Mary, and Ruth.Related image

That's a smug looking ape Gayle, lol.. Beautiful baby giraffe. I too am on Windows 7, but have several browsers. IE is getting obsolete and difficult to use, especially in FB. I also have Firefox, Google Chrome and now Opera.

I hope there's no fires :(

Hi Mary and Ruth

Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday,,, TY for the votes!

beautiful Giraffes and lions such a gruff ape cute !sweet butterflies and birds  i'm glad its not so hot Gayle good that you are getting extra votes Patrick hi Ruth i'm very late today happy tuesday all voted

Glad you like the Halloween cat. Boo!

Yeah for not as hot like before there, Mandi. I hope the winds don't pick up too much, keeping the fires at bay. The Mama, and baby monkey art is so precious. Gorilla guy is saying, "Bring it on", lol. Mama giraffe nuzzles with baby is very sweet.

How is your weather lately, Mary? Baby bears are staying close to Moma bear. I wonder what they're looking at. Hmmmm. Very precious Moma, and baby seal. Snow leopard is grinning big.

I'm glad you got rest after working so hard, Patrick. You have nice weather there. 70ish, and blue skies here lately. Oh, and Fall colors all around. Your place must be so beautiful in Autumn. The Great Hornbill Kaziranga does look a little like a toucan, but not as colorful as them. I think it's the beak. Lions all in a row. Now I'm set for the day.

It's Wednesday. Almost there. Another vote coming through right now.

Cute lions all lined up there Patrick.. I guess that is a spotted tiger Mary? Hi Ruth.

We are waiting for our electric company to shut down all power to houses because of wind they say is going to come. This is terrible for those without power already up north. I am hoping I am not going to be one of those affected, but remains to be seen by noon here :-(   Hi Ruth. Voted  Happy Camel day.

Related image

Hi Ruth, just missed you. Pretty leopard.. take care there.

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