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what a mercy Patrick i hate having to put an animal to sleep i know its the right thing to do but i hate it i am so sorry for your loss i'm sure you gave her a wonderful life fulll of kindness and caring  beautiful peacock and lovely ariole Gayle hope the fires are abating sending prayers hi Ruth votedEmperor Tamarin by Tiffany Fender

just popping in to vote early i'm going off to visit my son hes hurt his back ,happy tuesday Gayle Patrick Ruth 

So very sorry about loosing your kitty Patrick, one Blessing she passed at home. It's so hard when we loose a precious baby. I hate having to make that call. Beautiful Peacock.  Mary, cute monkey and tigers. Sorry to hear about your son's back.   Your a great mom to go help him.. Hope he'll be OK.   Enjoy Tuesday all. Hi Ruth   Voted

The Dance Of Love (c) Simone Sbaraglia//ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2014

I usually put down animals myself, because it's so traumatic taking them all the way to the vet. I make sure it's absolutely painless though (gun, instantaneous) but it's just so hard to do. However, it means not adding more pain with a long drive while they are already suffering. Luna and Tigger both went on their own, which relieved me from doing it.

I hope your son is okay Mary...

Beautiful pics ladies. The monkey looks like a little old man (a Tamarin?). Those are awesome birds Gayle.

Hi Ruth!

Have a great Tuesday and TY for voting.

Frogmouth birds,,, they look grumpy, lol

my son got some meds his back is an ongoing problem  he's a garda ( a policeman ) very elegant birds Gayle the look like they are dancing  the frogmouths sure look grumpy Patrick   hi Ruth happy wednesday all votedVisit our website -► <a href=www.photo-funny.com◄- For more pics"/>

I know about back problems Mary. Wife and I both have them. I have sciatic nerve probs sometimes, that just knocks me down. Hope the pain meds work for him. Great tiger cubs :)

Linux can be troublesome to install and tweak Ruth. I'm still on Windows 7 on my desktop. I'll resist as long as I can. lol

Hi Gayle,, waves.

I hope everyone has a great camel day and ty for the votes!

Another pair of tigers, somewhat bigger, lol

Great male lion closeup, Patrick. Turkeys all around, lol.

Catman said:

Good afternoon ladies. I got everything finished last night, so decided to drive home today (albeit, only 4 hours sleep). However, I  am home and stopped to fill up my trunk with frozen turkeys. lol

Those sure some handsome boys Gayle. Bet you're very proud. Hi Mary and Ruth.
Have a great Thursday and Halloween. TY for the votes.

Lion, looking up

Please forgive me not being here with all of you, my W1 friends. Since I had to use Linux OS, ugh. Nothing but problems with it. That's the main reason. I really miss Windows 10, but can't afford it. SOS!

I miss seeing your pics here, so catching up, and enjoying them.

Praying the meds will take away your son's back pain, Mary. You are a wonderful Mom, helping him, during this time, especially.

Thinking about you for the loss of your cat, Patrick. You gave Tigger a wonderful, and happy life, as you do for all of the animals, but we miss not seeing, and being with them anymore. Big kitties love the turkey. Gobble gobble. I went to your video on You Tube to re-watch, and listen to, and commented. Super Fantastic music. How is your friend in Malibu, California?

Your G-grandsons are so cute, and great being firemen, Mandi. I'm glad they had a fun, and spooky Halloween.

Good night all. Catching up on votes too. Voted.

the girls look amazing Ruth they have gotten so tall  its awful that Linus is so difficult to use  thanks for thinking of Jonathan guys  ,Hi Patrick beautiful lion and tigers  i bet they are looking for your turkeys   Gayle how are you today ?happy thursday all votedTwo heads are better than one❣️

You're so welcome for thinking about your son, Jonathan, Mary. Do you know if the meds are helping him, yet? The girls are getting taller. Hope, 12, is almost as tall as me. I did shrink 1/4", but don't know when, lol. She is our string bean. Lora, 11, in December, is petite, and proud of it. She is getting taller too. I'm figuring Linux os out slowly, but surely. It is like not having a computer with internet. All of us have gone through computer mishaps, but we get through them somehow or another. Roars for you, gorgeous tigers.

Hello Patrick, and Mandi.

Thursday hugs. Voted.


Beautiful pix of lions and tigers oh my. Patrick I'm still on windows 7, comfortable with it. Didn't want to install 10.  Have you tried acupuncture for the sciatica? I know medicare does not pay for it :-(   Mary hoping your son is better with rest and meds?  Back issues are so prevalent with so many. Ruth, the girls are growing up. and so darling. Don't blink I always say :-)  The cartoon says it all  !! 

My family has already started Christmas shopping, blowing my mind since I hadn't thought about it. Voted  Happy Thursday all.

Sand Cat

Related image

Great pictures of the girls Ruth. I grabbed that bear comic,,, so true. Handsome pair of tigers Mary. I love Sand Cats Gayle. Cute as the dickens.

I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday. It's cold, windy and foggy here. Weird combination. Hard to work outside.

TY for the votes!

Australian Numbat

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