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Cute bear Mary. King of the little mountain Patrick. Wow, those big cats of yours aren't  afraid of anything much:)  And will be so happy with their turkey dinners, free is a major savings for you as well. We spend a lot of groceries too. Ruby barks at thunder ;-)  Glad to hear your aware of the bears near you. Mary we did get a ton of rain last night so that helps. And snow up on the mountain tops, it is soooo cold here. Buster says, "it's freezing outside :-)   I  put an extra blanket on his cage last night.  We are California sissies  LOL.  Hi Ruth all have a great Wednesday.  Voted

Related image

sweet kittie and deer Gayle i'm glad you got some rain its very cold here as well ,Patrick  what a great lion pic those tigers are fearless they know who is top cat ,hi Ruth how is your kitty ?happy wednesday all votedcheshiresmile88: via pinterest Beautiful !!! \O/

Greetings ladies. Awesome pics. Lion cubs are soo cute.

Glad you're getting rain, sorry it's cold. Sounds really cold in Ireland Mary,,, snow?

It's raining hear,, dreary and chilly. I'll be feeding those big turkeys to the tigs in the rain. They don't care about rain. Means nothing to them. They'll like those whole turkeys though :D

Hi Ruth!

Arctic Fox

Cute pic Mary, hope it's not too cold there. Pretty arctic fox Patrick. Love hearing about your tigs how nothing really bothers them. They will surely enjoy their turkey dinner :-)   Too bad about your weather as well. We had COLD rain and snow on the mtn tops. Then frost. Cold day here too.. Happy Thursday Voted Hi Ruth how are you?

Related image

freezing fog here Patrick  those tigs are really cool fearless are'nt  they?beautiful artic fox  Gayle what a sudden change of weather but thats the way it goes lately isnt it?pretty little snow leopard ,hi Ruth how are you votedIn Love by Peter Hausner Hansen, via 500px

hello Patrick and Gayle Ruth just popping in to vote i hope you had a lovely thanksgivingWe've gathered our favorite ideas for Coquerels Sifaka Wikipedia, Explore our list of popular images of Coquerels Sifaka Wikipedia.

TGIF ... Back on the road next week, holiday is over, lol. Great photos ladies. The lemurs are unique, quite cool. Still raining there Gayle? Brrr freezing fog Mary.. I know what that's like. Still raining here. My yard is a swamp, lol. FedEx truck got stuck getting up the driveway (currently mud). Took her several tries to get up to the house.

We have a ton of leftovers here. Another T'giving dinner tonight (lunch tomorrow, probably enough for supper tomorrow).

Hi Ruth, hope everything's fine. Have a fine Friday and TY for the votes

red panda

TY Mary we had a fun day with those wild little grt g-sons. But so cute. Gorgeous lemurs. Ugh freezing fog.

Nice thing to have all those leftovers. Karen will have plenty while your on the road Oh mud, hate that, lucky the gal didn't give up LOL. We are very cold here and yes showers on and off today, then rain tomorrow.  Pretty red Panda.  Voted.  Hi Ruth

Image result for wild cute beautiful animals

Good afternoon ladies. Great grandkids,, wow. lol .. Wild childs? :)

Karen turned the leftovers into a delicious soup. Thick and tasty. Rain quit today and the sun came out. Feels good, but the yard is still saturated.

Hi Mary and Ruth

Have an awesome Saturday! TY for the votes.

Dwarf lemur

sounds like you had a great thanksgiving Patrick homemade soup yummy pretty red panda and dwarf lemur  mud arghhh i know how that is  Gayle sounds like your having our weather lol rainy and cold  lovely family time with the greats. Cute little  peeking out of  the tree hi Ruth how are you?voted

Stormy here Patrick and Mary and cold. And you got sun Patrick ? lol  and soup Karen. yay. My daughter makes soup from the turkey carcass yummy, my greats are really good boys, just wild lol playing with their toys. :-) Great pic of the little lemur and love the bat Mary. Voted   Hi Ruth. 

Here they are~Evan & Eli

And a pretty bird.  :-)  Happy Saturday. Image result for wild cute beautiful animals

Awesome "sky puppy" Mary. I love bats. They are so maligned by Hollywood, but so very important to the balance of nature.

Those are some handsome Greats you have there Gayle.

Chilly and very windy here. Cuts like a knife, but drying the yard out fast.

Hi Ruth ^5

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes. Today starts a new month and voting is reset.

Giraffe and baby ele...

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