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cute little meerkats Patrick  i hope the weather is nice for your trip  Gayle how are you hi Ruth votedBeaver #beaver #animal

Sounds like a fun trip for you and Karen Patrick. Cute Meerkats. Meat for the cats too yay.

Mary now that's a Beaver working ot. :-)  Hi Ruth Happy Thursday all. Voted

Related image

sweet snow leopard Gayle  hi Patrick and Ruth happy friday all voted

Hi Mary,  very pretty tiger in the snow. :-)  Hope your doing well. Hi Patrick and Ruth. We have the tree people out trimming our palms and a couple other trees. $$ Ugh .  Voted

Related image

Big storms moving in tonight. High winds, thunder lightening,,, possible tornadoes. Then storms all day tomorrow as well. Hopefully it will be nice Sunday and no ice on roads, for our trip to get meat.

Having palm trees trimmed while I'm looking at snow and ice, lol. WTG Gayle ;)

Beautiful photos!
Have a great day and TY for the votes!

such pretty donkeys Gayle its great to have the trees trimmed expensive though i got mine done in october i'm always afraid my sons will come and trim them i am too nervous to watch them with chainsaws 

Patrick what a pretty wolf i hope the storms clear for your trip its wet and windy here not too bad  hi Ruth how are you voted

Mary, I agree with you not to have your sons work the trees. I lost my father falling after he went after a limb just with clippers. That is an awesome picture. Stay warm. Patrick, you are having terrible weather. Do you have a tornado shelter? Those scare me. Pretty wold. We got evening showers and supposed to be clear here for the forty niner game today. My grandson and wife will be there. Hi Ruth  Voted all stay safe and have a great Saturday. 

Image result for wild cute beautiful animals

That cougar looks like he is surveying his kingdom.. Pretty mom and cub Gayle. Yes, we got pounded last night. 70 mph straight line winds, quarter sized hail, several tornadoes in vicinity and incredibly hard rains. Lost net until this morning, came back on at 10 am.

We had some minor damage and some stuff blew into the woods. Blew so hard it tore the dog pen wall down in the front runs. Buddy got out, but Pepper huddled inside the dog house. She wanted no part of going out in the storms. I gotup at 2 am to let Daisy out and saw the pen wall down. So I got that back up and secured, then comes Buddy,, lol. I called him around to the other side, to come in through the gate. He was ready to get back in, lol.

It was quite a night but didn't lose electricity. We have a shelter room downstairs, that goes under the ground but didn't go in. We could watch the tornadoes on TV and saw they weren't coming our way.

Tonight it's going to be very cold with snow and ice, so letting Buddy and Pepper inside, to go in a pen downstairs. Wish I could bring the tigers inside, LOL. They have their own houses though, but will still be cold. There's tigers in Siberia, so they can handle the cold (better than short hair dogs, for sure)

Have a great Sat and TY for the votes

Ocellated turkey

Patrick that sounds horrendous i'm glad your safe and Buddy got back in  good that you still have power  awesome turkey  Gayle  so sorry about your Dad he sounds like my Dad very independent  ,enjoy the game Gayle  hi Ruth how are you grands are gone off home voted

Good afternoon ladies, just getting home. I'll unload meat in the morning. It's below freezing so it will keep. Karen and I stopped and ate at Red Lobster in Branson, MO. on the way home. It was nice.

I just noticed you saying you lost your father from a fall from a tree. That's so sad Gayle. :(

Beautiful apes Mary. I just love those guys. I'm envious of folks who work in the field with apes. They are truly amazing

Hi Ruth!

Have a pleasant Sunday ladies, and TY for the votes

gorgeous tiger Patrick nice for you and Karen to have a relaxing lunch  we have storm Brendan battering our citys and countryside here a lot of flooding  hows your weather Gayle? hi Ruth votedBaby Orangutan Orphan Adopted By Kind-Hearted Momma Orangutan

I believe the caption on the tiger photo, said those ruins in the background are like 800 years old. There's a lot of very old ruins in India. I would like to visit India some day, but it probably won't happen.

I hope the floods aren't effecting you Ruth. Stay dry. Another beautiful mom and kid ape photo. It's so sad watching their numbers decrease. Damn poachers. How can they kill such magnificent creatures?

Hi Gayle and Ruth..

I'm hitting the road again tomorrow, for a couple of days. Going out again next week as well. Then finally a down week, following that. All my accounts got pushed together because of the holidays.

Have a great Monday and TY for the votes

This is a Plant Hopper. Odd looking bug, but cool.

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