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Posting early, more storms coming in.

Please try to stay as close to home as possible Gayle. I think this thing is going to last awhile. I'm trying to stay off the road, and my customers are good about it. However, I have a new customer in Iowa, who will need me when they start up the new plant. I'll need to be there for that,,, no choice.

Hi Mary and Ruth!

Have a nice Saturday and TY for the votes

Cool pic Patrick,, when do you have to be at the new client in Iowa?  I hope not soon. Stay safe with the new storms coming in. We are having little rain showers off and on. TY Patrick, I won't be going anywhere now especially at my age.. The news is so troubling now. Hi Mary and Ruth.  Voted.Enjoy Saturday all .

Image result for baby wildlife pic

i am staying at home as much as i can i walk the dogs a bit but i meet no one i am a bit sad today its my son and my grandsons birthday and i won't see them but its the only safe way  you are doing the right thing Gayle  staying in  sweet little racoons  Patrick i hope you don't have to travel for a while stay safe in the storms  what a beautiful insect  hi Ruth i hope all is well  voted

just popped in to vote its mothers day here today but no one can gather so no grands no sons praying this will end soon all stay safe 

Great raccoons and cheetahs. Stacking up in 3's lol. I have to run up to National Tiger in Missouri Wed. but I won't have to come into contact with anyone. Driving straight up, getting cases of meat, then straight back home. I will then be set for awhile with people and animal food.

I may have to hit the supermarket at some time, in a couple of weeks, but I'll go early,, get in, get out before people start coming in. I have no insurance, so it would be hard if I got it. I go on Medicare in 5 months, but that doesn't help right now.

Hi Ruth..

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes

Happy Mother's Day Mary, so sad that you can't get together for B/Days or today. So sorry for you.  Same here with our grts. We will surly have to cancel our Easter get together.  We did a video chat  yesterday, the grts were checking on GG LOL. First off they wanted to see Buster, then Ruby. :-) Love the pretty Cheetahs and the beautiful Ele Patrick. Glad your both staying in, as we are. Tom does like you Mary, and walks Ruby without contact. We have to be careful as I heard Buster could get this if we bring it in. ?  You big kitties will be happy after Wed. Patrick , we will have to do something about food in a couple of days as well. All stay safe!! Voted. Hi Ruth. Enjoy Sunday all.

Sparrow hawk chicks 

Image result for baby wildlife pic

beautiful ellie in the sunlight Patrick  take care on your trip its  the cats will be glad to see you with their food ,Gayle i have an autistic nephew he told his mom he wants to come to my house to see Rosie he misses me lol i hope you get food supplies soon  gorgeous chicks hi Ruth how are you votedMommy Loves Baby: Adorable Baby Animals With Their Moms | Petslady.com

Good afternoon ladies. Beautiful babies. I love baby animals!

I am officially locked down here. I have postponed my trip in 2 weeks as well. My wife is going to get tired of me around the house for so long, lol.

Gayle, if you have no disposable gloves, you can put those plastic grocery bags over your hands, if they still have them in Cali. Or, larger Baggies. Don't worry if it looks silly. Touching shopping carts, gas pump handles and nozzles, touch pads/screens can convey the virus. If it looks silly, don't worry about. I'd rather be silly than sick.

Maybe when this passes Mary, everyone can get together and celebrate all that was missed.

Meanwhile, we have our daily chats here, with plenty of social distancing :)

Hi Ruth, hope you're okay

Have a good Monday and TY for votes

Lesser Bird-of-paradise

Patrick great idea on the gloves and baggies, had not thought of that. I hear ya' Karen, I have the same problem LOL. Glad you cancelled trips Patrick. Grandson and wife cancelled their holiday to Hawaii. We can get together here without the worry :-)  Mary do you have face time? Hopefully you'll be able to get together with family when this thing is over. I know we can't either. Locked down here big time. Not even letting anyone touch Ruby.  I so love the donkey's..  That is a beautiful Lesser. Everyone around here working from home that can. I cooked yesterday for tonight, so we are good right now. Voted. Happy Monday. Hi Ruth.

All stay well  XO

Image result for donkey images

great idea about the baggies Patrick i'm glad you are locked down  its the only way we are told gorgeous lesser ,Gayle  i'm glad you have hot food   i have facetime  so at least we can see each other my neighbour died last night i think he had a heart attack i can't go and talk to the family its safer but i'm so sad for him what a sweet little donkey  .hi Ruth how are you votedOver 600 lions are hunted per year because of the sick want of a "trophy prize". Lions aren't trophies, they're animals.

Cute mini donkey Gayle,,, Dad loves the cub  Mary. <3

We have been having all kinds of trouble with the internet last night and today. Comes and goes and I keep losing what I'm working on. So sorry about your neighbor Mary.

I think this virus thing is going to haunt us for awhile. People are still out and about mingling and spreading it. Idiots. ... I also think they are using the virus as an excuse to pour money into the stock market. It was on a downhill slide before the virus hit. That being said, the virus will indeed soon be effecting the markets, with the businesses being ordered to shut down and all of those people who will be unemployed.

Hi Ruth, hope you are okay...

Have a great Tuesday and TY for the votes

A young African Serval

So sorry about your neighbor Mary, and  you have to stay in. Dad love his baby. That is one cute serval Patrick. I thought I heard the prez say he wanted to open up the business's. ?  Agree that people are being idiots that are not staying in. SF thinking about ticketing and fines. The internet is busy with school's working from homes do you think Patrick? All here, still on lock down. It's a ghost town. SF too. Hi Ruth, voted. happy Tuesday all.

Don't know why but I think sloths are cute LOL

Image result for baby animals

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