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Mary, glad you were out with the dogs. Cute mama and babies. I too, am without a car, it's broken down. Tom is going crazy trying to fix it. Big job. -( Hope your son has luck with his. Voted. Hi Patrick and Ruth Stay safe all. Enjoy Wed.

Tree Kangaroobaby tree kangaroo by Stay Curious • Findery

Oh no Mary, car breakdowns in this bad time. :(
I wonder why one lion cub gets carried and the other has to swim. Looks like mom likes one more than the other. It's good you can walk the dogs, the sunshine makes Vitamin D which is very important to immune systems. I am taking D and C as supplements.

Gayle, hope Tom is able to fix it. The tree roo is so beautiful. Looks like a stuffed toy. I see the baby in the pouch <3

Hi Ruth...

Stay safe and TY for the votes!


That Genet is adorable Patrick. Hope your weather is good there today? We are heading into the 80's and up now. Soon will have to turn the A//c on. My car is still sitting, Tom doesn't  know yet, how he's going to fix it. BIG job.  Hope all is well with everybody. Stay safe . The  shutdown is starting to cause depression in kids and adults. But need to be safe. All have a good Thursday. Hi Mary and Ruth.Voted

Sweet 17: Adorable Baby Owls | Saw whet owl, Baby owls, Owl

i think he found a garage that might do it Gayle  hes a frontline worker so that might help i hope Tom can get your car fixed all the parts shops are closed that makes it harder  what a pretty tree kangaroo   Patrick i think we all need vitamen d  in ireland so much rain and clouds gorgeous little genet hi Ruth all stay safe  voted4 sleeping titi monkeys (Callicebus donacophilus, the Bolivian Gray Titi Monkey)titis

Cute little owls Gayle,, That's awesome how they entwine tails Mary.
I was supposed to go get meat today, but the freezers nowhere near defrosted enough, so maybe tomorrow. Sat. at the latest... Rainy today anyway.

Hope yall get the car probs straightened out. I can imagine kids getting depressed and antsy during this shutdown. Maybe you can find some games for them to play?

Hi Ruth

Have a nice day and TY

TGIF everyone. Although, one day seems the same as the other these days. Patrick that's a little cute fox. Did you get out for a ride yet? Hi Mary and Ruth. We are going to be very hot here today. Voted.

What We Lose When We Lose Wildlife | Common Dreams Views

TGI? lol

Cute bear family Gayle. I rode with my wife at the beginning of the week, but it's been rain every day since. Looks like Sat. for the meat run. Wish it would get hot here..

Hi Mary and Ruth.

Heading out to feed the hungries. LOL Have a nice Fri. and TY for the votes!

flap-necked chameleon

car problem solved new fuel pump he really should get a better car when the lockdown ends  any luck wit yours Gayle ?sweet bear family its dryish here today but not hot   sweet little fox Patrick i'm glad you got your ride while the weather allowed what a clever chameleon he looks just like the plant hi Ruth yep Gayle all the days seem the same  votedPinemartin-the brushes used to make the Book of Kells come from its' fur.

happy world penguin day  hope everyone is doing well today votedPhotographer Thomas Vijayan beat off thousands of entries from all over the globe to land ...

Very cute pix Mary and Patrick. Patrick now sure yours is cute LOL. But pretty. No luck on my car Mary. Glad your son got his fixed OK. Prayers continue for him and Genevieve.

All enjoy Saturday. Just seems like another day it is Saturday right LOL Hi Ruth and Patrick.  Voted.

Happy World Penguin Day! And an extra... - KDKA-TV | CBS ...

Glad your son is back in wheels Mary, sorry your car is still broke Gayle. Long day for me, went up to Missouri to get meat. 20 whole frozen turkeys and a couple cases of drumsticks. I'm exhausted...

Hi Ruth, hope you're okay

Have a great Sat. !

My fave,,, Rockhopper

I missed being here with all of you.

Hope you are getting rest after the long haul meat run, Patrick. Happy animals there eating great, as always. Glad you could ride before rain. Very cyoooot Genet, and happy fox. Where did the chameleon go? Lol. Rockhopper is a cool dude.

Thinking about you being without wheels, especially at this time, Mandi. Was Tom able to get parts he needs? Hope it's cooler today there. About 70-80s during day norm here. Tree kangaroo is eating for two. I love the owls. One tilting his head is funny. Bear Mama, and cubs curious about something.

Glad your Son's car only needed a fuel pump, Mary. Cute little guy peeking in on us. I wonder if the monkeys in tree intertwine their tails to stay safe together.

Hope, and Lora are withstanding staying inside, keeping busy with online school during the week. Genevieve, and Lora go for walks sometimes,when she's not working.

Continuing prayers for your Son, Mary. Thanks to all of you praying for Genevieve. She's wearing scrubs at hospital now.

All have a wonderful night. Voted.

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