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Beautiful bird Mary. I have no idea what it is LOL.. My trail is finished to the spring, but still needs work. I'll add a second post with a video

Hi Gayle, Ruth!

Have a great Thursday!

Summer PlagueCation, Trail Project Part 2

The fallen tree has been cut up and moved, along with a rough trail to the spring tank. Now to clean the rest of the scrub, vines and clutter. The cement top of the spring tank will be cleared and cleaned and the table (with umbrella) and chairs will set on top of that.
There's an overflow pipe that runs from near the top of the tank (underground) and discharges (2-3 gpm) on the opposite side of the trail.
When it's all finished there will be a Part 3.

To view Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BstWS8vdBoY

gorgeous bird Gayle sorry about the fires  masks for shopping are definitely  a good idea hi Patrick thats some project you have started it will be wonderful but hard work  sweet cheetahs hi Ruth happy thursday votedPangolin Baby Sleeping on Mommy's Tail

Good afternoon ladies. TGIF!

I love pangolins Mary. They are getting into trouble, simply because Asians want to eat them and many are killed for their scales. Sad really.

Hi Gayle... Hi Ruth

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday, TY for voting

Wow Patrick, that's quite the job you have, sure did enjoy the video. It is beautiful up at the top. What would you do without that ATV:-) Darling babies and wow what a beautiful Eagle. Mary, cute pic of the pangolins, Sad what Patrick said about them. Our Gov. has made it a law, all must wear masks when out. Hi Ruth Voted. TGIF all. stay safe.

Ten new migratory species protected under global wildlife ...

sweet ellies Gayle i think masks are the way to go its quite hard to get into a shop here although many are open now they only let a few people in at once  Patrick what a majestic eagle hows the job going?hi Ruth i hope all is well  happy friday all voted

just popping by to vote very stormy and wet here today happy saturday Gayle Patrick Ruth Amboseli National Park, Kenya | Amboseli National Park (Kenya part 2) | One Long Peel

I hope all of you didn't worry about me too much about me. I apologize for not being here.

The new virus wave is raising up new cases here. Wearing mask whenever out.

Late getting here.. Drove a couple counties over for some adult beverage, then worked on the trail. I have the steel patio table painted and ordered an umbrella, base and a LED light disk that goes on the umbrella pole. lol...  Rain for the next few days, so I'll have to hold off clearing brush and overhangs (face slappers).

Hi Ruth,,, yes, was getting a bit concerned. I'm still hunkered down.

Beautiful critters Mary and Gayle.

Have a great evening and TY for the votes

Brown lemur (We had one here for quite some time, he was awesome)

Love all the critter pix. So cute. Glad to hear from you Ruth. It is ramping up here as well. We all need to be hunkered down and wear our masks. Patrick, you and Mary with rain? Wow and we are heading into a major heat wave. Ugh. Hi to all and be safe. Voted. Enjoy Sunday.

Wild Animals Deer Nature Forest Trees Green Grass Hd ...



Greetings ladies.. Cute fawns Gayle. We brought a sick feral kitten in last night and tried to save it, but it died :( At least it wasn't laying out in the yard to die. It ate a little, drank some, and we loved on it so it wouldn't die unattended and alone.

Feral cats are difficult to care for because they go out into the forest and encounter wild animals. There's one big Tom that tangled with something (coyote, coon, possum,,,) but he's healing up. He was definitely traumatized for a week, but getting around now.

Hi Mary and Ruth,,, hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday. It's quite overcast here, with some T'storms coming.

TY for the votes

lovely to hear from you Ruth i had no internet all day massive storms here  happy sunday all on a phone so no pic voted

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